Optimize mysql Query

Hi All,
How can I make this query better?
Select a.* ,b.resourcetype from filedocuments a, documentcategories b where a.CategoryID = b.id and b.resourcetype = ? and a.ID=? and a.Version = ?;

Your answer to this is very much appreciate.
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Steve BinkCommented:
Some suggestions:

  - using "SELECT *" should be avoided unless you truly need all the fields in the table.
  - is a.ID supposed to be a unique?  If so, that's as fast as it will get.  
  - make sure you have indexes on a.CategoryID and b.resourcetype.  Depending on your data, you may want a multiple-column index on a.CategoryID and a.Version.
Can you run
in mysql terminal and post the result (you can scramble data, but dont damage numbers please)
that will make us wiser on indexes you need.
Show create table for each table

You are better off using join presumably a.categoryID points to b.description

The categories for this question is .. MySQL, access and Visual Basic?

The query seems like a prevompile, that then is reused with parameters being passed.

Presuming there are fewer rows in documentcategories versus the filedocuments

Select a.columns,b.resourcetype from documentcategories b inner join filedocuments a on b.id=a.CategoryID
where  b.id=? and b.resourcetype=?
PortletPaulEE Topic AdvisorCommented:
I (also) would assume a.ID is unique so this is all you need

    , b.resourcetype
FROM filedocuments a
      INNER JOIN documentcategories b ON a.CategoryID = b.id
WHERE a.ID = ?

You can include these conditions if you want to, but you make it more likely the query returns no rows at all

      AND a.Version = ?
      AND b.resourcetype = ?

these should be indexed:


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RotebergAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for your comment I really appreciate it.
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