must have tools (hardware) for an IT Tech

what are some tools that you feel are good to have and makes the job much more easier???
brian ramdhaniCT Technician Asked:
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I wear a lot of hats...

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- Sysinternals Suite ( Process Explorer, Process Monitor, Autoruns, etc. )
- Firefox Portable
- FileZilla Portable
- Recuva
- Rufus
- CrystalDiskInfo Portable
- etc.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
screwdrivers (and sockets)
ethernet cable tester
flash drives
usb hard disk caddy
usb cdrom drive
5 in one cable (

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All different types of screw drivers, plyers, tweezers, magnets, oil, vacuum cleaner, brushes, fans, thermal transfer paste, alcohol, soldering iron, desoldering aparatus, solder, USB and other cables with different plugs, swiss army knife, , switch, router, multi-plug power rail, USB sticks, USB disks, USB DVD writer, torch, Spare harddisks, empty CD's & DVD's

The UBCD to test the RAM and HD's using the manufacturer's diagnostics (you can add some of your own DOS based tools if you need to).

The UBCD4Win for Windows based tools

The PCRepix LiveDVD (preferably the 32 bit version as it is compatible with a wider range of PC's) for data recovery, partitioning, cloning, imaging and much more.

Paragon's free rescue kit, backup and recovery and partitioning tools.

Some of those iso's can be loaded onto one USB stick using WinsetupFromUSB, including Linux distro's etc.
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Lansweeper is all you need.. Nuff said.
Don't know about easier, but anti-static wristband is always a good thing to have.  Multimeter is also useful.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
The apprentice (or intern).

Useful for fetching coffee and hamburgers and always a good source to apply blame to if something goes wrong.  May be good for basic IT work as well.

Note if you find that this apprentice (or intern) has good knowledge of IT practice and experience get rid of them.  Don't need someone else who could prove competitive working for you.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
GetDataBack from
PSU tester
rods for cable pushing -
USB power tester - - this exact model
USB endoscope camera -
Victorinox Cybertool

Most of this...

but the ultimate must-have tool is the one you forgot...
Don't forget the Torx drivers ( while you are buying the very small screwdrivers.  If you are doing on-site work and have loads of cases or metal panels to unscrew, a small rechargeable screwdriver can save wrist pain.  Get trousers with knee pads if you are going to be crawling around underneath desks, as this will help to avoid "carpet fitter's knee" problems in later years.

Cans of compressed air with the little extension tubes for the nozzles to blow dust out of hard-to-reach places, disposable paper face masks to avoid breathing the dust you blew off, an old toothbrush or similar to dislodge caked-on dust from fans and grilles, a small battery operated vacuum can be handy, and a small bottle of hand sanitiser to use after handling other peoples' accumulated DNA traces.  Alcohol like surgical spirit or methylated spirit can be handy for cleaning off sticky mess like paste from heatsinks because both evaporate leaving no residue (careful on plastic parts though).

The alcohol is also handy as an instant disinfectant when you inevitably slice open your knuckles or wrist while reaching into cases with sharp metal edges, and should be complemented by some tissues and a packet of band-aids so you don't drip your own DNA all over customer equipment.

You will drop screws into impossible places, even if you are using screwdrivers with magnetic heads, so a telescopic aerial with a low strength magnet is handy.  Don't get one that says it can pick up 2 pounds in weight or the magnetic field can mess up sensitive components like hard drives.  You just need one that will retrieve screws or maybe at the heaviest a light blanking plate.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Check out my page on Tech Toolkit - it includes hardware and software.  (I'm trying to migrate it to a database; the old version is linked at the page below).
You will find loads of free utility tools, most of them "portable" for USB Flash Drives, here:
Check for updates here:

I have also used some of the free MiTec utilities:

If you are working on pre-WinVista PCs at any time, it can be handy to add a "copy path to clipboard" option while compiling notes:

Getting system specifications quickly can be useful.  Unless you are proficient with VBScripting and using WMI commands, it is usually better to use a utility.  Annoyingly most (like Belarc Advisor) need to be installed, but there are portable versions of utilities like "Speccy" (  Similarly, Piriform's Ccleaner and Recuva (mentioned earlier) are available as portable apps (, and

I find it very useful to have a large capacity USB Flash drive with the PortableApps package installed:
I pick and choose additional apps from here:  SIW (System Information for Windows - is available as a discontinued portable app and is very good at retrieving specs quickly (

You have probably already gathered together loads of your own handy windows batch files and VB Scripts.  Depending on their complexity, some of them can be wrapped up into EXE files for convenience using Bat To Exe Converter and Vbs To Exe here:
it really depends on what you will do
eg if you don't work with laptops, you don't need much very small screwdrivers
if you don't do cloning/imaging - you don't need the software

if you have all the tools mentioned above, you may be too bulky / heavy to move, and reach the customer....

so imo pick the most likely from above to start with -  and fill them by when needed
Is this for on the road or at base? home?
For me what I have is 2 computers with a kvmp switch
a spare laptop / point and zoom camera.
These are necessary to really simplify fixing computers when one breaks use the other to diagnose and fix. Use one to access experts exchange and the internet while the other one is used to fix the failing one. Take photos for records.
Have a few USB sticks

Anti static wrist band
magnetic screw drivers and pointy nosed pliers
cans of air spray soft brushes.
External HDD/disc enclosure  with sata and ide a must so the HDD any HDD can be hooked up to the system and tested.
Get Data Back a must, brilliant tool to find files/recover stuff from USB or second drives even deleted stuff. Works on pretty most dead drives.
A setup disc with the different Microsoft systems slip streamed to be used for repair reinstall.
Ultimate Boot CD UBCD, Live CD Herons boot CD
A backup of all your installed software drivers and important programs.
Such as diagnostic tools/power tools/scanners/ like
OCCT stress test the entire system
My choices
Five Best Computer Diagnostic Tools
A good sound knowledge of CMD promtps very handy
An A-Z Index of the Windows CMD command line 

Spare parts like a  spare HDD ram sticks cpu fan PSU.
ac dc voltage tester
usb  voltage tester
Probably more but that's all I can think of in my itinerary.
Thank you slingingshot15
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