How to automatically pin remoteapp web feed apps to windows 10 start screen?

We want to wipe out the windows 10 start screen so it is blank of all the default apps and then automatically pin the remoteapp web feed applications to the start screen. I cannot seem to get this to work properly.

1. I need to way to make the default start screen completely blank of all of the default apps and games for new users that log in
2.  When I add the remoteapp web feed to control plan manually or with GPO the remoteapps appear under all programs but they do not automatically get pinned to the start screen.  How can I accomplish this?  Right now the users have to go one by one and manually right click each remoteapp and pin them to the start screen.

Anyone have any suggestions for these two hurdles?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Microsoft, as yet, has not exposed a way to automate or even script what you want yet. Sorry.
They have.

Just as with win8, we can export a defined layout using powershell and then use GPOs to deploy it. Problem is: It will not be modifiable afterwards. But we could deploy the GPO anyway and remove it later.

If that causes headaches, we need to script this. I have it worked out on my desk but will be out of office til Monday.
NBFAuthor Commented:
These are for laptops for sales people that will not be in a corporate office and will need to stick with mostly user based GPOs and VPN.  If you have a script i would love it!  

The GPO for default remoteapp web feed also only allows you to specify 1 farm!  We have multiple remoteapp farms and need to present them to the users.  Thanks again!
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Even with multiple "farms" (collections in 2012), you should still have one connection broker (or a connection broker cluster if you want high availability.)  If properly designed, the RDCB will poll all of the collections and make an aggregate list. So there is no need for multiple designations in the GPO. That is the intended design. But if you break away from that, you'll have obvious issues.

While what McKnife says is technically true, I don't think he and I are on the same page regarding your question. Microsoft has not exposed a programmatic way to manipulate the start screen. The method he is referring to is very similar to how the start screen could be customized for image-based deployments in win8, and hasn't much changed. Which means the list is preconfigured and static. It will not be dependent on the web feed at all, so without making a unique script per user/group, and without applying some sort of logic to know if the script has already run, deployment to existing machines is mostly unmanageable.

Microsoft has *hinted* at extended functionality (likely via Powershell) coming. They mentioned in in brief during Ignite, but much like other functions mentioned at ignite (windows store for business, etc), those APIs are still under wraps.

So if a static start screen is what you want, or if you want to manage customized scripts per user, McKnife is correct. But if you want a simple "read web feed XML, pin apps" ...that just isn't there yet. And may require a script even when the functionality is finally exposed.
Cliff, I agree, they still need to simplify it to make it easy to use. What I have here so far is the following:
A script to pin items that reside in a known path to the start menu
A script that unpins non-metro apps that are for some reason already pinned:
(New-Object -Com Shell.Application).NameSpace(0x0).ParseName('C:\Program Files\Windows Journal\Journal.exe').Verbs() | ?{$_.Name.replace('&','') -match 'unpin from start'} | %{$_.DoIt()}

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(Example for journal.exe)
and a script that uninstalls (per user) all the metro apps that you see pinned on a fresh win 10 enterprise:
$AppsList = "Microsoft.Bing" , "Microsoft.BingFoodAndDrink" , "Microsoft.BingHealthAndFitness" , "Microsoft.WindowsReadingList" , "Microsoft.BingFinance" , "Microsoft.BingMaps" , "Microsoft.BingNews",` 
            "Microsoft.BingSports" , "Microsoft.BingTravel" , "Microsoft.BingWeather" , "Microsoft.Camera",` 
            "microsoft.microsoftskydrive" , "microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps",` 
            "microsoft.windowsphotos" , "Microsoft.XboxLIVEGames" , "Microsoft.ZuneMusic",` 
            "Microsoft.ZuneVideo" , "Microsoft.Media.PlayReadyClient"
$AppsList | % {Get-AppxPackage -Name $_} | % {Remove-AppxPackage $_; Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online -PackageName $_}

Open in new window

Please note that the store icon remains. I did not yet "dare" to uninstall it. You may try it, just add "Microsoft.WindowsStore" to this script.

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