Lock down Remote Desktop Windows 10 pro x64 standard Users.

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Hi there, I have a remote desktop setup that several users can log into. Its all working fine but I really want to be able to stop users doing anything else apart from opening one database file, accessing a couple of files in a folder on the desktop and printing.

I definitely do not want users to be able to browse the file system and network (aside from their own profile folders) or do anything else that could compromise my system but still leave admin users with full access.

I assume setting local computer policy > Local user settings ???
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Yes that is the way to go (mmc then group policy object editor); you can also check out Admin tools and then local security policy but that has limited help for what you want to do. Also make sure that all the users that you have remoting is are non-admin users.


Sorry about the late response. I have had a look at it and as lionelmm says, there is not much I can do with locking down users.

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