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finding ip that can be accessed from outside

Hello Experts,

I have access to the corporate firewall which is fortiGate 110 I am looking at the range of public IP address that I can use. I never used this firewall and I want to know how to find this information.

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Jorge Diaz
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I'm not sure I really understand what you'd like to accomplish? Do you want to know what your IP block is or you'd like to know what the IP of the FW is? If what you need is an IP address for your FW then you contact your ISP, you can get one static IP or ask them to assign a block of IPs.
goto and it will show you the public address
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I know from the firewall we can find out what IPs are accessible via the internet. I am new to this environment and to the firewall and it will help to find out. The ISP will be my last resort but it is taking time because I still need to be in the contact list.

Camy, I will check the virtual IP pool to find out.