Removing Hub Transport Role from Exchange 2010 Server not working


My environment has 2 Exchange 2010 servers.  One is the server that hosts all production mailboxes, OABs, OWA, and public folders, while the other server is only to be used as an Archive server (hosting archive mailboxes).  Upon implementation of the Archive server, we ran into a problem as all outgoing email started routing through that server.  As this server had no rules, nor AV protection at the time, this was a bad scenario.  My understanding is that this was as designed, as Exchange will user the Exchange Server with the Hub Transport Role and the most resources available.  So, I quickly made a send connector that went from the Archive server back to my primary Exchange server and then out to the Internet.  Emails were once again flowing.  Anyhow, this is obviously not an ideal situation.  So, I'm looking to remove the Hub Transport Role from the Archive server, forcing all email to go out the primary Exchange server.

In initial attempts to use the SP3 setup.exe (and Control Panel) to remove the HT role, there was no option to uncheck the HT box.  I then used the command /Mode:uninstall /Role:HT.  That appeared to be successful.  Upon trying to run the uninstall via the SP3 setup.exe or Control Panel, it showed that the HT box was greyed out, but clear.  However, within the EMC and EMS (get-exchangeserver), it still states that the Archive server has the Hub Transport role.

Any ideas what is going on?

I appreciate any assistance.

Thank you,

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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Run this command and post the result.
JerAuthor Commented:
Role                    : Mailbox Server Role
RequiredServicesRunning : True
ServicesRunning         : {IISAdmin, MSExchangeADTopology, MSExchangeIS, MSExchangeMailboxAssistants, MSExchangeMailSubmission, MSExchangeRepl, MSExchangeRPC, MSExchangeSA, MSExchangeSearch, MSExchangeServiceHost, MSExchangeThrottling, MSExchangeTransportLogSearch, W3Svc, WinRM}
ServicesNotRunning      : {}

Role                    : Client Access Server Role
RequiredServicesRunning : True
ServicesRunning         : {IISAdmin, MSExchangeAB, MSExchangeADTopology, MSExchangeFBA, MSExchangeFDS, MSExchangeMailboxReplication, MSExchangeProtectedServiceHost, MSExchangeRPC, MSExchangeServiceHost, W3Svc, WinRM}
ServicesNotRunning      : {}

Role                    : Hub Transport Server Role
RequiredServicesRunning : True
ServicesRunning         : {IISAdmin, MSExchangeADTopology, MSExchangeEdgeSync, MSExchangeServiceHost, MSExchangeTransport, MSExchangeTransportLogSearch, W3Svc, WinRM}
ServicesNotRunning      : {}
Zacharia KurianAdministrator- Data Center & NetworkCommented:
So, I quickly made a send connector that went from the Archive server back to my primary Exchange server and then out to the Internet

1. Make sure there are not items in "queue"

2. Migrate any custom "Receive Connectors"  in  your "Archive Server" and then remove them.

Once these are done try removing the Role.


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JerAuthor Commented:
Good thought on the queue, but this is a test environment, so there is little email activity.  This will certainly be a concern in production.

I don't have any custom receive connectors, just the Client and Default.  They look to have all the default settings.  I did remove the Send Connector that referred to the Archive server previously.
imkotteesSenior Messaging EngineerCommented:

you can set submission override list so that mails will not flow through that server.
JerAuthor Commented:
Not neglected or abandoned.  Just have had other fires pop up.  Looking into it again this week.

JerAuthor Commented:
Added another appliance to my email environment, so this is even more of a potential issue.  Will try to emulate in my test environment.
JerAuthor Commented:
Just ended up leaving the role and am now allowing it to send to the Internet.
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