Do I need to (and how) re-generate wsdl after I modify it?

Hi, I have to edit a vendor's wsdl on our server to change a variable to allow for null.  However, after I save the wsdl, the change is saved no problem however, when I type in url to open the wsdl it doesn't show the changes.  Is it because I have to regenerate or do something else to it?  The vendor's program is written in Java.  I'm using C# and I need to set a datetime variable to null hence the modificaiton.

I did search the only server drive, C, and there is only this copy of wsdl.  The changes is saved when I open it using Notes++.

thank you.
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You cannot edit your vendor's WSDL. Those changes have to be made from their side. You will then generate new C# web service proxy classes from the new WSDL which they publish.

If you really have to...
What you can do however, is to manually generate the C# web service client proxy manually, pointing it to the WSDL file which you have modified. You do this with the WSDL.EXE tool (Open a Visual Studio Command Line) and then use this new class in place of the one you generated by adding a service reference in your Visual Studio.

wsdl.exe PathToYourFile.wsdl /l:CS /serverInterface

Open in new window

Use VB or CS for your language of choice. This will create a new .cs or .vb file

NOTE: Typically, what you see in the WSDL on the url provided by your vendor is an WSDL that is automatically generated from a tool that analyses their code. As such, your changes might in fact not be supported yet by the web service that you are consuming.

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lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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