Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0 download

Hi Experts,

I need a copy of Microsoft "Visual FoxPro 6.0" to run either in XP mode or if it works on Win7 64 bit would be better can someone please advise safest place to obtain please?

Reason: I have a client who had a custom made program written for his business and he still likes to use it as it contains all his previous years financials, I have built him a new PC and need to move it but he does not have a copy of Fox Pro and I cant seem to locate one.

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Mark BullockQA EngineerCommented:
You can download it from Microsoft. The system requirements are listed here as well.
Olaf DoschkeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Mark Bullock,

that's only a service pack for VFP9.
VFP6 is not only deprecated and out of support, it's not even in the MSDN downloads anymore.

You can upgrade a VFP6 application to VFP9 quite effortless, you'll have a bit of update adjustments to do. To get VFP9 you need an MSDN subscription, though.

Bye, Olaf.

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Visual FoxPro 6 was a part of Visual Studio 6 so if you find VS6 for sale then you could be happy.

Of course, Visual Studio 6 is not available but you may look e.g. here. You should also install SP 5 for VS6 as this SP contains the latest VFP 6 version.  The SP5 is also not easy to find...

MSDN mentioned above still contains VFP 7, 8, and 9. It seems to be the safest option for about $1200. Certain source code changes will be necessary. Do you have the source?

The application should run on the new PC without changes. It will just require run-time libraries which you can copy from the old PC. Look for files vfp6r.dll and vfp6renu.dll. Additional necessary files are Msvcrt.dll and msvcr6.dll probably. They are in Windows\System32\ folder.
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Olaf DoschkeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Good point VFP got a separate product from VS in VFP7. Of course legacy versions also were separate, as the early versions are not from MS.

But to get an application running on the new PC you need runtimes from the old PC, maybe also some registry entries, activex and their registration. If you just have the application a VFP version wouldn't help you anyway.

Bye, Olaf.
AndrewPartnerAuthor Commented:
Sorry for delayed response, took some time out!

Great comments & thanks for the advice!

Thinking if that is the case the cheaper option for my customer is to create D2VHD and run it as  virtual image within Windows 7 can anyone see that being a problem for running it that way?

Then I don't have to worry about source codes and so forth.

Olaf DoschkeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
You can run VFP6 apps on Win7.

This makes me wonder: Have you tried anything at all before asking?

If you encountered problems during tests, have you investigated further? It's typically not OS and change of APIs but removed ActiveX controls like the MS Common Controls (treeview, slider, datepicker) and these can be installed on Win7 to make an app work again. Core VFP6 also runs on Win7, maybe even 8 and 10, I just don't know anyone having a VFP6 app anymore, trying it.

Bye, Olaf.
AndrewPartnerAuthor Commented:
The only thing I tried to do was copy the entire folder of VP6 from the XP PC to both another XP and Win7 attempted to run the executable but it couldn't run it (which I kind of expected).

I cant recall the message I received but can try again in the next day or two and post back.

Unless you have another suggestion.

To copy the app folder is not sufficient for VFP 6. You have to copy all necessary DLLs and maybe also OCX controls used by the app as noted by Olaf.
Olaf DoschkeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Even VFP6 itself (or any VFP version) needs more than copying it over. There is a call to VFP6.EXE /regserver registering several things and also the Ocontrols used in need to register. The VFP install also installs into MS Shared folder and system folder. Especially if you skip several OS versions several things are not part of the OS anymore and have to be moved, too.

Then several settings need to be done, eg location of files adjusted in Options. But to move a VFP app you don't move the VFP6 installation, you move the app and runtimes and controls and you need to register controls and either register runteims or put them to the EXE, if they had been separate.

Also come here with error messages, there are several, missing runtimes causes some, missing a control others. But that can all be fixed, when you deep dive into it.

Bye, Olaf.
Everything is true I just disagree the first sentence: "Even VFP6 itself (or any VFP version) needs more than copying it over. ".

I am executing VFP from the flash disk on any computer which needs to fix some DBF data and where no previous VFP or VFP app setup was running.

The registration will just add some (useful) features.
AndrewPartnerAuthor Commented:
@ pcelba - ok I will attempt again if this is possible it should solve my problem!

AndrewPartnerAuthor Commented:
@ Olaf - How deep and is it worth it if that becomes the case? Time wise I mean!

Olaf DoschkeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Your mileage may vary, without any view on anything I can't tell you how hard it will be to find the culprit, the error message you get would be very helpful. A missing DLL is a matter of minutes.

If you have sources you can find out which OLE controls are used via querying the vcx and scx tables OLE and OLE2 fields for anything in them, that's also only a matter of some minutes.

Once you know what's missging it's easy to find and put on the new pc, isn't it?

Bye, Olaf.
AndrewPartnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Olaf will test and post back, I have a little time up my sleeve to complete this either way so thanks for your patience.
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