Need help to restore Public folders Exchange Server 2010.....

I have a Exchange Server 2010 that was joined into Exchange 2003 organization.   Originally there was Exchange 2003 and I migrated to Exchange 2010 aprox 2 years ago.
 Everything was working but when I ran the Analyzer the Exchange Server 2003 was still trying to be analyed.
                             I was trying to cleanup the errors that I was getting using ADSI Edit and I messed up something.   The Public Folders are nowhere to be found after I removed them using ADSIEDIT.

In removing the BIOMAIL server, I drilled into the ASDIedit.msc

Open ADSIEdit.msc  then connect to Configuration partition:
 CN-Services -> CN-Microsoft Exchange -> CN-Domain -> CN-Administrative Groups -> CN-First Administrative Group CN-> Servers

Deleted old server from there.

Sometime after my users starting telling they did not have access to the PUBLIC FOLDERS....

Very Concerned, Need some help!!!

I have backup and the orignal EDB,  ---  The Public folders.EDB (About 19 gigs in size)  and I have the files for the database is still on the server, but I do not have "Public Folders Database" when I connect in outlook.
I rebuilt a new pubic folder but now need to know how to move the folders to it from the EDB or the best possible solution to recover my Public folders...

I not exactly sure how to recover?  

Please advise on the best recovery process.

I have a APPASURE Backup solution as well.

I have a snap shot of the Analyzer but cannot add the sanp shot until; I have been verified.
Scott JohnstonIT Manager Asked:
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Kim HartCommented:
Please have a look on below given informative resources and workarounds that i found to share might helps you to get this job done.

You can find out by running Get-PublicFolderStatistics, which will tell you what is there. As a workaround, you could bring up an off-network Exchange 2003 server with the same name disk drive letter or mount point assignment, and a cloned domain controller, restore the database to the recovery server, log on with Outlook, and move content between the public store, a PST, then from the PST to the production server.

You can probably restore them granularly, but you just need to find them. I think I can point you in the right direction:
Do a restore, and select System State>Active Directory>DC=YourDomain>CN=Microsoft Exchange System Objects. It is probably in there somewhere.

Whether you need to recover deleted public folder data or subfolders or restore public folders after a server crash, you'll find help here

The process of recovering an Exchange public folder can be the cause of a lot of pain as it almost always is a very difficult and painstaking process. Check this blog which explore some steps on how to recover Public Folders in Exchange server 2010

Check this article which lets you how to Manage Public Folders: Copy, Move, Delete, and Recover Public Folders

You can recover public folder item thru Exfolder utility:

Hope it helps you!
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Best option is to look for 3rd party tool. like Edb to pst convertor and then merge it to new PF db. However, permission might be gone.

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Scott JohnstonIT Manager Author Commented:
Thank you gfor your help in the recovery process.  FYI I have APPASURE backuop server that has the capability to restore the public folders.  
I would recommend using a APPASURE backup solution for exchange, it is very powerfull and Ihave been able torecover all the date missing from the public folders and as well my old exchange server is now gone from the Analyzer.
Scott JohnstonIT Manager Author Commented:
I agree with AMIT to use a third party solution and ihave offered what I ended up using to recover my Public folders.
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