Does anyone know how to make sure that “BOLD” “ITALIC” and “UNDERLINE” Automatically get removed when you hit return and the cursor move to the next line?

Is that Possible? I have a client that is annoyed because he needs to manually go and click the “Bold” icon do deselect that feature. He would like that after you highline the word and make it bold once you are done the icon deselect automatically by itself. The same question is asked for the “italic” and the underline feature”


I am also attaching a pic of the icon that I am talking about
Thank you
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Budhi WitonoCommented:
shift home/enter/arrow  , shortcut key Ctrl + B   for Bold , Ctrl+ I (Italic) , Ctrl+ U (Underline)
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
ok I understand the shortcut key how they works but I don't understand how shift works ?
I tried to push shift and home and nothing happen ?
Anthony CarterCommented:
The only way I know of is to add a space or period at the end of the line and clicking.

1) Write: This is a test.
2) Double-Click word Test.
3) Type CTRL+B (or click bold button).
4) Click anywhere else on the page (for convenience of cursor, clicking after the period is easiest).
5) Hit Enter.

There is an autoformat function that will allow you to auto bold and auto italic using *bold* and _italics_ which would also get around the issue.  Didn't see one for underline.

File->Options->Proofing->AutoCorrect Options->AutoFormat As You Type->*Bold* and _italic_ with real formatting.

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AutoFormat As You Type is the best solution for your client. Otherwise, there  is no other way to automatically turn off bold or underline. When you click on the B icon, you're saying, I'm typing bold characters  from now until I click you again, to tell you to stop. AutoFormat might be better here.
Ryan ChongBusiness Systems Analyst , ex-Senior Application EngineerCommented:
>>Does anyone know how to make sure that “BOLD” “ITALIC” and “UNDERLINE” Automatically get removed when you hit return and the cursor move to the next line?

Normal way is No, but I'm thinking it's possible to track the {Enter} keydown/keypress in a word document using an Add-Ins and hence it can be used to format the current style accordingly.

Creating VBA Add-ins to Extend and Automate Microsoft Office Documents

Just a very rough idea it could be done in a different way.
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Antony, I followed your example and everything is clear and easy until I made the word test bold. then when I click enter and the cursor move to the below line and I started typing it was still in bold...

my client is asking is there is a way that that cursor become number and not in bold after he hit enter.

I also put the checkmark on autoformat as you type ( bold and Italic with real formatting but I don't see any change....can you help me ot understand how this feature works please...with another example please...

thank you so much..
Anthony CarterCommented:
Italiabella:  Before hitting Enter, you must click your mouse somewhere on the page.  Right after the period is pretty natural (for me).  By doing the click, you effectively move "out" of the highlighted area (caused by the double-click) and thus the bold area.
Anthony CarterCommented:
If you think about what it is doing:

This is a test.

Double click test (highlights all but the period) and hit control+B, becomes:

This is a <bold>test</bold>.

Now, clicking after the full-stop essentially puts you "outside" the bold tags, and thus you are no longer bold.
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
YEs, Great ! it works. Thank you so much.
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone.
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