Adding ribbon in custom Tab in word 2007 using VBA editor

i want to add ribbon to custom Tab in word 2007 with out using CustomUI editor is it possible using only VBA editor ....if it is possible please tell me how to make it with brief explanation.

                                                           Thank you advance.
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Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)PresidentCommented:
Microsoft has a document about the different available methods at
Ram pradeep kalivarapuAuthor Commented:
thank you sir providing this link....but it works only for one word document if i want to make visible my custom tab to all documents what i need to do ....give me the code please.
As far as I am aware the VBA IDE is not able to access the CustomUI xml - you might be able to convert a document to zip format, then locate and edit the CustomUI however I've tried manually editing the CustomUI and get problems simply by using a zip program other than (from memory) win-zip.

Also there are things that the custom UI editor does that might take a lot of work to recreate... like for example embedding icons.  I think these are stored as Base64 encoded strings...

Why don't you want to use the CustomUI tool?
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Ram pradeep kalivarapuAuthor Commented:
My TL do that task without using CustomUI editor.if you have any solution for that please tell me with sample code step by step.

        thank you for responding.
A solution... sure, you can give your TL a copy of the CustomUI editor ;-)

Seriously, what you are asking is (IMHO) too much... the code would be extensive and your request is rather vague.  What is a TL? Team Leader?

Why does it matter how your TL does things, you'll probably do it much faster with the CustomUI editor?!
Ram pradeep kalivarapuAuthor Commented:
thank you for reply....
    i have done that with customUI but i can see that custom Tab only for one word document only to which i opened in customUI editor.if i want to make that custom tab visible to all word documents what i need to do.    
                                 thank you.
Use the tool on a template - .dotm and save the template in the global template folder  (aka word startup folder)
Ram pradeep kalivarapuAuthor Commented:
i am getting the error like...
Looking at the error message it seems like you have simply renamed the file by adding ".dotm" to the end.  This will NOT work.  You must open the original file  xyz.docm THEN in MS Word use SaveAs and choose to save as a template with extension ".dotm"

Only then can you put the template in the startup folder.

Also, Greg Maxey (MS Word MVP) has written the ultimate guide on using the CustomUI tool in an article called:
"Customize the Office Ribbon (It doesn't take rocket science) "

It's not on EE and I am unsure of the policy to linking to MVP content so you may like to google for that.

Hope it helps.

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