Offline defrag or new exchange database ?

Hi, I've a dilemn. We are experiencing lags with our Exchange (SBS 2003). Our database has reached the limit too and it falls down each two days. I've rised the database limit size in the registry but it didnt solve the situation. I just wanted to have opinions on what is the best to do now.

Offline defrag  --  or  --   create a new database and move all the mailboxe on the new database ?

Thanks for all advice.
magodeoz2Sys AdminAsked:
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Zacharia KurianAdministrator- Data Center & NetworkCommented:
Our database has reached the limit too and it falls down each two days. I've rised the database limit size in the registry but it didnt solve the situation.

Then better create a new DB and move all the mailboxes. Make sure that you move "all". Then keep the old one dismounted for a couple of weeks until you make sure all is ok. Finally you can delete the old one.

By the way, do you intend to upgrade in the near future?

AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
If you have option to create new DB, that will be the best option in your case. In order to do offline defrag you need 110% free disk space. Secondly, offline defrag requires downtime and offline defrag also creates new db. You can verify this by check db signature. It will be new after you perform offline defrag.

Now you can decide, as per your requirement.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
it's been a while, but thought sbs you could only have 1 mailbox store and 1 public folder store

i would look in the application log for event id 1221 and see what the white space is
if there isn't much, no sense scheduling downtime for a task you can't perform
in that case, i would start archiving to pst files
HariomExchange ExpertsCommented:
The exchange 2003 is limited to 1 Mailbox Database with 75 GB limit after applying Exchange sp2
You have following option to reduce database size

1) Delete Unwanted Mailboxes or archive old mails in pst to create more white space

2) run online maintenance and check event id 1221 to check the white space

3) If white space is more than 10 GB then you can perform offline defrage ,if white space is below 10 GB that offline defrage is not recommended as it doesn't make any difference.

Also you need to dismount the exchange database for offline derfage and make sure sufficient space (110%)  is available on drive and this will require approx 8 hours also take the backup of database .

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magodeoz2Sys AdminAuthor Commented:
You were right in SBS 2003 I cannot create new database =/

I performed the offline defrag on saturday without problems. I thank you all. Quick and good answer as always here <3
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