Visual Studio 2015 : Which is the best solution to use

I would like to convert a troublesome Excel spreadsheet with 9 sheets into a SQL Database, I have installed Visual Studio 2015 Express and I’m learning as I go. Unfortunately I haven’t made it very far, right now there are so many choices in VS 2015 Express I have no idea which one is the best one.

Facts so far:
1.      Imported data from spreadsheet into SQL Express DB
2.      Connected VS 2015 to DB
a.      I was not sure on the import process:
i.       9 sheets in to 9 tables
ii.       all sheets into one table I chose
I chose ii.  and I can redo this if needed  Will this work or should I change to multi tables?

Now for the 2 final  questions

1.      Which template do I use for multiple users accessing this at the same time (no more than 6 users.

I’ve searched the web for a flow chart on when to choose which template.

Windows Form Application   or   ASP.NET Web Application   or ???
2.      They both appear to be able to connect to SQL but is one better than the other?

Just a gentle push in the right direction and I should be able to do the rest.

Thank you in advance,
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Before you start using VS, you need to get the data model sorted out. Thus you need to model a database schema which stores the data correctly (normalized, 1NF-3NF, BCNF, 4NF, 5NF, DKNF).

Then you need to specify the import process. Is it a singular action or must it be a repeatable task of your application.

WinForms results in a desktop application, which needs to be deployed on each client. An ASP.NET application only on one web server.
WinForms allows easier interaction with Office, thus Office integration is simple. With ASP.NET you need in most cases 3rd party components (which are mostly not free).

What are the tasks the users should perform with your application?
Not sure about SQL Express.  But did a similar thing into the full SQL.  My SQL server would not import .xlsx files only .xls files.  So imported the .xlsx  into Access then imported them to SQL.  
In full SQL you can right click on the database -> Choose Tasks -> Choose Import Data.  I brings up a wizard.  
When the wizard comes up to Select Source Tables and Views -> You can change the table name here and click on Edit Mappings to change the field types in the SQL db.
jlspencerAuthor Commented:
This App will be used to issue job numbers, for example 153045 means the following 15 = current year. Our year starts 12/01 so even though it will still be 2015 jobs issued that day will begin  with 16. The next two digits (30) will be the division that is requesting the job number, there are 9 divisions. the last two digits (45) is the actual job number. I have 9 buttons added to a web form one for each division and three additional buttons "Reports", "Modify Existing" and "Job Close" this last one issues a special number ending in "97" for each division for account purposes.

When a request is made for a job number the process will check for the last number issued for that year/division and use next available. User will need to fill out an onscreen form consisting of the following. This will lock out this number and if someone else requests one for the same division at the same time it will select the next available.

Customer Name
Job Description
Tax Code (depends on type of job) A through F are codes used
Current Date
Project Manager
PDS (request file received)
Accounting (added into account software)
ContractPO    PO issued by Customer ( New PO's are added to existing jobs that is way there is a "Modify Exiting"

On the page where the form is filled out is a "Process Button" where all data entered is then added to the database.

I have already imported data into a single table, should I have used individual tables. one for each division?
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jlspencerAuthor Commented:
I would like to use the Windows Forms Application as this makes more sense.
jlspencerAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

If you look at the questions I posted in BOLD with a ? mark they were not answered, additional questions were asked and I responded to them and received no further input. I now have most of the code setup on my own.
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
" I now have most of the code setup on my own."

Sorry, but I've read your question about project management and architecture and not about coding..

"I have already imported data into a single table, should I have used individual tables. one for each division?"

Collect your requirements. Check if they are complete, consistent and error free. Then take a pencil and create your data model. This will tell you whether you need one table ore more.. This question can only be answered, when we know everything about your project. When you designed your model, then you need to implement it in SQL Server.
The next step is to create a reliable Excel import. Here we cannot really say what is better: ASP.NET or WinForms. Cause it strongly depends on your requirements. And also on your skills.

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