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Sri M
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Dear Friends,

I have a question related to ip address list control and bandwidth control / metering.

I have an internet pipe where I have 32 public addresses which in turn are distributed for several networks using an L2 switch. Each of these network has their own dedicated firewall which in turn has QOS policies to control bandwidth. Now recently one person who is managing firewall removed the QOS policy to remove bandwidth limitation and was chipping away other networks bandwidth. Now what I need to do is deploy a hardware in place of L2 switch which can control what ip addresses can be used by each firewall/network and bandwidth needs to be controlled / metered even before the packets reach the firewall / network.

Appreciate you advice.. I have seen few devices on the internet like bluecoat packet shaper but looking for expert advice and also need a low cost solution

Thank you in advance

Best Regards.
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Don JohnstonInstructor
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You could replace the L2 switch with one that supports QOS.  Then you could define bandwidth control there instead of trusting that each firewall is doing bandwidth control.


Hi Don Johnston

Thank you

The L2 in place already has QOS but it does only priority level traffic control like we can prioritize voip, streaming etc only but I cannot restrict like restricting a port to 3 Mbps / 3Mbps and I need to restrict a specific port to able to use certain listed public ip addresses. Can you suggest a hardware that can even do full bandwidth control and public ip addresses control?
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Something like a Cisco 3650 would give you the ability to do traffic shaping and policing

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