Looking for a private type of thing like Dropbox

I have a client who wants to do something like Dropbox, but doesn't want it hosted on someone else's servers.  I had proposed an old school VPN and offline files, but they didn't really like the log into the client first, then you get files and I also had problems with users NEVER  logging in, only using the offline files, and the information gets stale or they have no idea what to do with version control.

So I am looking for something that will sync files/folders of a given share on a private server that works in similar fashion as carbonite or dropbox.  It also does not have to be free per se.   I found OwnCloud, but was wondering what else might be out there.  Also, it seems to be geared more for a home user perspective.  I am hoping this can be integrated into an AD environment so end users would use same login information.  I also just found FileCloud, which looks like what I need, since it handles a offsite mapped drive, which is very appealing since that is what users are used to.
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William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
If you have a local server already, you could set up an FTP site on there. It could be secured by logins and then the user could use a client like FileZilla to work with. Might be a slight learning curve but no more than with Dropbox.
Jason JohanknechtIT ManagerCommented:
Have you looked into NAS boxes with Cloud capabilities?  Synology and Western Digital I believe have this, but I have not tried the hosted cloud features.

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tsaicoAuthor Commented:
I did consider the NAS with Synology, and I have a test one running now.  It is the smaller version of the unit, but runs the same DMS and has the same capability.  It does seem to integrate into AD ok.  The software seems to be working all right.  My main issue is that I would have to move all of my shares to this, since it doesn't seem to be able to show a share from a different file server.  Also, another issue is if the end user needs several network shares, IE, main company share and then his/her own department.  This is what I meant by it looks to be more from a home end user, not so much company.  You get everything in this share, but you have to share everything.  I am hoping it is my in experience with the unit, but so far, it doesn't seem to be designed for that in mind.

That issue aside, I have found Synology to be a very appealing product for a host of different uses.

As for the FTP idea, it is also not that great for the specific reason of needing different locations for a specific user.  I can simply make the share structure available on FTP, but it still relies on the end user to actually log in, and decide on file version issues as well,  At least with drop box, the syncing starts happening almost immedaitely.  So when they are home and just watching netflix or away from their workstation, that is happening in the back ground.  FTP will require them to log in, download, choose overwrite or not the local version, then work, then do the opposite.
Jason JohanknechtIT ManagerCommented:
I use alot of Synology NAS boxes, and you just need to create as many users and groups as you have different people accessing.  Then make a couple of different shares for the appropriate groups.  Like Company for example could be accessed by everyone, but Accounting can only be accessed by someone in that group.  They are easy to work with, and yes you would copy all of the files to the NAS box.  If you have a Windows server, you may not need it anymore or you might keep it for AD and shares that are not required online.
tsaicoAuthor Commented:
GIven the different solutions out there, we are most likely moving forward with testing on MS's WorkFolders and OwnCloud.  

As for Synology, I do think it works well, but I am not quite ready to ditch my file server features in Win2k over just being able to share drop box like folders.  Perhaps small settings where having AD at all would be perfect for these items, or the 10-15 person environment, but having shadow copies, DFS, and also baked in integration with AD, PLUS not having to re-train junior techs on how to deal with it...
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