How to get driver for Epson 3200 photo printer to run on my system

I have a windows 7 desktop, to which an Epson 3200 photo printer is connected. As of 6-9 months ago, it worked fine and when opening the "Epson Scan" software, it opened without errors. I have it connected through a USB hub.

Lately, I went to use it and when opening the software, got a "Epson Scan cannot be started" error message, thus preventing its use of the scanner. I tried connecting the cable directly to the computer, thinking the hub may be part of the issue, but that did not solve anything. I vaguely remember several years ago, I was told by Expert Exchange that a different driver should be used, but with your new website design, I can't see how to look up old questions.

Please advise on how to get my scanner working again with my computer. Thanks.
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Your old questions can be found here:
(or click the suitcase icon on the top right of the screen and pick "My Answered Questions".

The 3200 Photo Printer driver download is here.  Looking at your history it seems you were (understandably) struggling with the 3200 Precision Scanner but the alternate driver that was suggested for you was for an HP LaserJet.

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Start by uninstalling it (from Control Panel). Then reinstall from the CD or from a fresh download from the link MASQ gave. Note that we can only find the Perfection 3200 Photo scanner, not a printer.

You can also check whether you can scan from something like Paint or Irfanview . The latter is a great program, and it may do all (or more) that Epson Scan does. If you have PhotoShop, try scanning directly into that.
photoman11Author Commented:
Thanks for your help.

I downloaded  Irfanview and could not figure out how to do anything with my scanner. So I then deleted Epson Scan, reinstalled the 32 bit version (there was no 64 bit free option).

I have 1question re: the link to my old questions: Thanks for telling me it's under the suitcase. With over 450 questions answered, it will take quite an effort to find the one I'm interested in. Is there a way to search by keyword?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Yes, on the left of the search bar click on the three lines ...

Go to Advanced Search
Select "Question"
Under Members - click Add
"Include - Submitted by" Your Username
Under Keywords - click Add
Use Boolean logic to choose relevant Keywords
Click Search

You can also save this search and edit the structure when needed.

As far as the 3200 and Win 7 64 goes - how brave are you feeling?
Just a suggestion that might work ...

Download this package from Epson

Run it but uncheck "When done unzipping open ...."

Go to the unpacked files in the new C:\Epson folder

Replace the file Es4f.inf with the attached modified version (renamed from Es4f.txt to Es4f.inf)

TURN OFF Scanner

Run Setup.exe, OK the UAC Warning, click Next, Accept terms of agreement

Once the install has finished and you're asked to connect the scanner ...

Plug in USB


Allow Windows to autodetect and look for it in Deveices and Printers

Right click on the icon and choose Properties

Click "Update Driver ..."

(If "Update Driver" is greyed out click "Change Settings" and then click "Update Driver...")

Browse to C:\EPSON\epson12181_pr49ph_twain_driver_and_epson_scan_utility_304a\Es4f.inf

Allow the installer to complete.

Hopefully that's it!

PS: I can't take the credit for this - it's from the original idea here but copied here in case that page disappears!
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