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Windows 8.1 Pro user and I have 200 .max files (created with PaperPort Pro 12) scattered across tons of subfolders. I need to batch convert them all to PDF so the output has exactly the same file name and is saved to the exact same subfolder as the original .max file. It's a one time need so I would like to keep the cost down.
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Two ideas:

(1) The zero cost idea is to do it PP12, which you already have. I know you said "tons of subfolders", but with only 200 MAX files, there shouldn't be too many subfolders to deal with individually. You can convert all of the MAX files in a folder via Select All, then right-click on any item and Save As to PDF Image, PDF-MRC Image, PDF Searchable Image, or PDF-MRC Searchable Image. As you requested, it will (a) make the file name of each new file the same as the corresponding MAX file name (but, of course, with the file type of PDF) and (b) save each new PDF to the exact same subfolder as the original MAX file.

(2) If you don't want to do that on every folder, then a low-cost idea (but not zero cost) is to get a copy of PP14 — you don't need the Pro edition, Standard is fine. These days it is just $24 at Amazon:

PP14 has "The MAX to PDF converter" (from page 16 of the manual, copied here under Fair Use):
MAX files have long been the proprietary PaperPort image item format. This functionality has now been taken over by the universal PDF file type. In PaperPort 14, MAX files retain limited functionality: they can be viewed page-by-page but cannot be annotated, stacked or otherwise edited. Metadata (author, subject, keywords...) cannot be added in PaperPort 14, only already existing texts remain. In other words, MAX files are now read-only.

Therefore, Nuance offers a Wizard-like program to convert MAX files to PDF. Find the MAX to PDF converter in the PaperPort sub-menu in the Windows Start menu. It can create PDF Image or PDF Searchable files by running OCR on text in the MAX file. The converter allows annotations to be transferred to the resulting PDF. Language choices are available separately for the MAX file content and for its annotations. The converter can automatically find all MAX files within your PaperPort folders.

MAX files can be detected and imported into PaperPort Professional by DesktopDelivery™. They can be exported to some other programs (for instance to mailing applications, or to OmniPage for OCR).
If you do get PP14, the disk from Amazon is likely to be 14.0. I recommend upgrading to 14.5 (free!), as explained in this EE article:
PaperPort 14 - Free Upgrade to Version 14.5

Also, since you're on W8.1, I recommend reading this article if you go to PP14:
PaperPort 14 - Fix Scanning Problems in Windows 8

Regards, Joe

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K_DeutschAuthor Commented:
The MAX to PDF converter utility include in PaperPort 14 is the perfect solution. Conversions complete. Thanks!
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
You're welcome! I'm very glad to hear that the conversions are already complete — that was fast!
Regards, Joe
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