Where to download free music for use in background of a video?

I am looking for a place to browse/download royalty free music that I can use in the background of a video. Instrumental music is preferred.

I will be uploading the video online and don't want to get hit with a DMCA take down notice.

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Leslie BloomCorporate & Product Marketing ManagerAsked:
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I used to browse https://www.jamendo.com/en quite a bit previously.
Creative Commons licenses and the option to purchase for commercial use.
i use this sit to find my music.


fast note,  
Royalty free is not Free music! ;0

check here
Leslie BloomCorporate & Product Marketing ManagerAuthor Commented:
@kulboy, you're definitely right! I guess I should clarify, I'm looking for free royalty free music :)

Just something I can use in a homemade animation I am making to then post on Vimeo/YouTube to share with my friends and family.
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ReeceICT ConsultantCommented:
You can always try asking for permission?
Start with fresh artists that are unsigned to a label (in Australia, our best source of these is at https://www.triplejunearthed.com/discover/artists/new).  Find some method of contacting the artist (on Facebook or Soundcloud etc.) and ask them for permission.
Get it in writing in case they try to hit you up for royalties down the track.
Royalty free is not all it sounds like if you look deeper Leslie Bloom,There is usually a fee .
You could make your own by splicing small bits and merging them or use a program to make your own.
As your using youtube  and will upload to youtube you got it !!
when you upload your video, open your channel and just above your channel art picture you can see VIDEO MANAGER
click on that, then find your video in the list then just to right of it next to edit click on the arrow and Audio> on the right is a list of tracks but below  do a search for the type you want and time length of it to match your video
 add it create a new video,
read me
YTB audio
youtube audio library search
youtube audio library
When you buy cyberlink power director x 64 Ultra  it includes access to royalty free music that can be added to your videos you make using Smart sound these are not free and have a small fee but are reasonable priced, some are free
I sometimes just create my own ambient background using my play station music creator or  FL studio
Music Creator APP on Steam
Audio music in cloud create your own
Here you have real free music,


All music you'll find here is free, meaning that it is available for you to download at no cost. What else you're allowed to do with the music varies depending on the license that's associated with each track.

check this for more info:

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Please read the terms of use of this free music
Terms of Use
License Provisions

a. All audio and video files available for download from the Free Music Archive are subject to one of the following license categories: (1) Creative Commons; (2) Public Domain (United States); or (3) a customized license. The particular license that is applicable to each file will be displayed on the file’s song page. You should follow the links from the song page to make sure that you understand and are complying with the license provisions for each file that you download.
Intellectual Property.

a. Copyright. You agree to comply with U.S. copyright laws as well as the laws of your local jurisdiction.
Leslie BloomCorporate & Product Marketing ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm looking for more ambient electronic music for my projects, and have noticed the YouTube music is more "hokey" than my projects relate to.

Appreciate your time.
Hokey? what does hokey sound like lol may need to use that someday.
I just search the different Ambient Inspirational. instrumental
Thankyou Leslie glad to have helped have fun

Kulboy love your avatar, gets me thinking
Bobby LinCo FounderCommented:
You can browse royalty free music on YouTube Audio Library and Vimeo Music Store. They offer some "free" royalty free music and some paid. If you need batch royalty free music for your project then I suggest AudioBlocks. You can learn more about royalty free music here.
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