3CX External FQDN

3CX is requiring us to have an external resolvable FQDN.  I don't know exactly what that means or how to set one up.
How do I set one up on a Windows 7 Pro 64 bit?    They also require an internal one as well.  Split DNS
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FQDN = Fully Qualified Domain Name.  An example of an externally resolvable FQDN is www.microsoft.com.  www.microsoft.com points to an ip address that is publicly accessible.

The device attached to this ip address responds to requests on specific ports; e.g. - 80 is the port for HTTP communications.

So lets start with some opening questions:

So first, do you have an external IP address?
Is this IP address static or dynamic? (if you do not know, you can ask your ISP)
Do you have a registered domain? (if you have a website, you should have a registered domain)
Where is your domain registered? (usually you would use a registrar like GoDaddy)

tcsjeffAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your fast reply and helpful questions:
So first, do you have an external IP address? Yes.
Is this IP address static or dynamic? (if you do not know, you can ask your ISP)  It is static
Do you have a registered domain? (if you have a website, you should have a registered domain)  Yes
Where is your domain registered? (usually you would use a registrar like GoDaddy)  This varies depending on the office. I am also helping some clients with their system.  I can find this out for each office.

Jeff Hind
Ok so where the domain is registered, you would want to create a record that points to the static IP address.

This record is called a HOST record (also known as an A record).  If you should already have a host record pointed at this ip address, then you would create an ALIAS record (also known as a CNAME record).  In either case, usually the record is named based upon its function; e.g. - WWW (represents a host record associated with a device that hosts web pages); MAIL (represents a host record associated with a devices that hosts email); etc...

One IP address can service multiple name records (best practices stipulate that these name records are defined by one host record with multiple alias records).

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tcsjeffAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Working on getting into the site where our website is hosted and then try the above.
tcsjeffAuthor Commented:
My hosting company just set up the A host.  They said it will take 24 hours to populate.  I know that is a normal time frame.  It is pointing to the static ip assigned by the ISP.  What's next?
Let's chat a little bit about internal domains.

First, is your internal network comprised of an Active Directory Domain or Workgroup?
Do you have an internal DNS server?
Ideally, you would now create a record on your internal DNS server that is named the same as the host record you just had your hosting company create.  This record that you create will point at the device on your network that will handle 3CX requests.  Since the device that you will be pointing this at already has (or will have) a host record, you need to create a CNAME (Alias) record and point this at the existing host record.

After that then you will need to ensure that your firewall has the 3CX ports opened and is passing the traffic from these ports to the ip address of the device that will handle the 3CX requests.

3CX has a support site and on it they have instructions for the port setup for a few of the more common firewalls - http://www.3cx.com/support/firewall-configuration/.  Are any of these your firewall?

tcsjeffAuthor Commented:
The internal network in this case is a workgroup.

I do not think we have an internal DNS server.  Is the router capable of this?  The pbx is on a win 7 pro server.  

The correct ports are opened on the 3CX server.  The 3CX firewall test has been completed and passed.
Unfortunately, most SOHO routers are not capable of providing internal DNS.  In these cases, NetBIOS name resolution is generally used (which is how your workgroup computers are able to communicate with each other).

You should be able to forward the 3CX requests from your router to the ip address assigned to the pbx computer.

tcsjeffAuthor Commented:
I wondered about that. I looked at my router and did not see an option for internal DNS.  I was reading online about an open source dns server called maradns.   If installed on the pbx would that work or do we need to get a router with internal dns capabilities?
Generally you would have a server do this.  Do you have any windows servers on your network?

If you don't, that's fine and you should be able to use maradns (so long as it supports windows 7).


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tcsjeffAuthor Commented:
No windows servers in this case.     In some other offices yes.

It appears maradns will work on 7.  Think I would install on same serve as pbx or different server?
I see no reason why you wouldn't put it on the pbx computer.  Especially if the pbx computer is not going to be used as a regular computer (in other words, have a user assigned to it).

tcsjeffAuthor Commented:
Thank you. I will give this a try.  And thank you for all your help.  You have asked me questions to help me and direct the steps I need to do.  You have been very helpful and I will try to let you know the results.
Good luck and I look forward to your update.

tcsjeffAuthor Commented:
no update yet...still need to test yet
tcsjeffAuthor Commented:
3CX changed their software to allow for an internal and external FQDN and static IP for remote phones so it is more flexible now.   Still having issues getting one hosting company to correctly create an "A" record.  So somewhat resolved but still need to work on it
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