absolute path to image in jquery code

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I'm using the jQuery UI DatePicker in my asp.net web forms application.

In my application directory folder which is called Application1 I have a folder called images where I put all my image files.

So the direct path through the web browser would be something like this:


In my jquery code I'm setting the path like this:

buttonImage: "images/CalendarIcon.jpg"

this works fine in my development server but for some reason when I deploy it to production the image doesn't show up.

This also worked fine.
buttonImage: "http://www.mywebsite.com/images/CalendarIcon.jpg"

anyone know why this path is not working on production iis7 server             buttonImage: "images/CalendarIcon.jpg"

anyone know how to write absolute path to this image?
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use image path like (add leading slash), in your relative path, so it will add domain/application URL to it
buttonImage: "/images/CalendarIcon.jpg"

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