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Why is my Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) browser crashing, freezing and/or very slow?

All jokes aside about IE, I am having a weird issue with my IE11 on my main computer, but on other computers IE11 is fine.  As far as I know, it does not have to do with the particular version I have because one of the other computers has the same IE11 version as my main computer.  Some other computers have an older version of IE11 and they are fine as well.

I checked but there are no updates for my OS Windows 7.  I do not run plugins or anything on my IE11.  Its basically vanilla IE11 browser, but it crashes, freezes, or is VERY slow.  No other browsers are having these types of issues on my main computer.

What are my options in resolving this?  

I do website testing with IE11 so using a different browser isn't an option.

Let me know if you need any other information.
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First, go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, Windows Features. Uncheck Internet Explorer. This forces a restart, so do that (restart).

Done.  Although I had to restart the computer myself.

Now go back and enable IE. This forces another restart.

Done.  Again, I had to restart the computer myself.  What was weird was I ran into this error both times after manually restarting.  I clicked OK and the computer restart.

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Now open IE and go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced and do a Full Reset (Top and bottom sections - ALL). This means stored passwords will go away so be aware.


Shut down, start up and test. See if you have some improvement.


Of course, scan for viruses.

My antivirus ESET scans for viruses everyday and have never found anything.

I tested IE11 for which I was having a problem earlier and its now gone! :)

Kyle - you are very welcome and I am glad you got IE working again.