virtualizing a storage server

hello experts I have an old storage server which hosts the companies shares. The server has old hardware and is out of space time to upgrade. I got a new windows server 2012 storage server with plenty of room but I need to use it for two things.

1. a disk based backup solution with Data Protection Manager
2 . host the companies shares from the old server using the old servers hostname

Im wondering if its a good idea to run something like disk2VHD on the old server and make the new server a hyper-v virtual host, hosting both the P to V storage server and the DPM backup server.

On the storage server I see a 200GB C: OS partition and a 2TB D: Data partition in Server Manager > Disk Management.
When I browse windows explorer to Computer its showing the total size incorrectly as D: only at 6.00 GB.

Not sure the best solution, please advise,

thanks in advance
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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
If the OS is actually Storage Server on the new box better check into virtualization rights. I'm not sure if there are any.

Set up Storage Server with Name2.
Configure _all_ shares that are to be delivered.
Copy all data, including NTFS permissions (we use BeyondCompare but RoboCopy I think does that too).
Shut down the existing server.
Remove the AD object for that server.
Boot Name2 and rename to OldName then reboot.
Unless something is tied to the actual GUID belonging to OldName you should be good to go.

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WAMSINCAuthor Commented:
Not abandoned..  working on this based on your suggestions but had some other stuff going on at work too. Will get back later this week
Matthew CosentinoCommented:

I would reconsider using your DPM box to store your file server, VM or otherwise.

Always keep your backup services and storage on separate hardware. You risk loosing both your backup and shares at the same time resulting in total data loss.

As mentioned you may be license limited, and you may need to perform a file server migration to a new server. This link will see a migration to 2012 R2

Otherwise a simple Disk2VHD would suffice if you're happy to run it as a VM elsewhere or concede the risks.

A few quick tips if you don't want to stuff around with the AD computer object;

1. Disconnect your current file server from the network and start the new VM in a disconnected state first.
2. Verify everything is intact in your new VM
3. Double check the old server is off and physically disconnect the network if you have to so you don't break the computer object accidentally
4. Connect your new VM to the network and you should be right to go!

Good luck and let us know which way you choose.
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WAMSINCAuthor Commented:
hello thank you for the comment. I have already begun this project, with the storage server and DPM on the same server. This is not my first choice but due to budget and storage space limitations I don't have any choice. Since the file share is only 2 TB I can maybe do a scheduled poor mans back up with an external drive or something silly like that. Once DPM is up and running I will push for a co lo or something. Wish I had unlimited budget but don't we all.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
A NAS or High-Rely destination would work well and won't break the budget. Most Synology NAS boxes have mirroring built-in so one can add a couple more as mirror destinations for off-site rotations.
WAMSINCAuthor Commented:
So we signed up for an azure account for DPM off site replication and still working on this migration, l will update you later thanks again
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