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Need help with emcli in OEM 12c, maybe use shell script or python and run a series of emcli commands.

I have to populate the target properties of every target in OEM 12c.
I am trying a few to see if this will work.
When I run this, i get 82 rows.

select 'emcli set_target_property_value -property_records="'||a.TARGET_NAME||':'||a.TARGET_TYPE||':LifeCycle Status:'||b.property_value||'"'
from mgmt$target a,
(select target_name host,property_value from mgmt$target_properties
where target_type='host' and property_name='orcl_gtp_lifecycle_status') b
and a.host_name  like '%lods07%';

I have attached the file, please take a look.

On the server after I log into emcli and log in as sysman, I can run each line follows:

oms_home@loem301dz:/odb/oem01/orabin/admin>emcli set_target_property_value -property_records=" Status:Test"
Properties updated successfully

How do i create either a shell script or python script to either execute each line as a script or write a python script to do so?
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Will look at it in detail later..