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Upgrading Microsoft Access 2007 to Access 2013 Best practice

In my company we are having an Microsoft Office 2007 installation. With a production Access 2007 database. This database is divided into a backend database with data-tables (linked Access 2007 tables) + a lot of ODBC linked tables to Oracle Tables + Linked Excel Sheets (Excel 2007). And there is an Access 2007 Front-end which is used by fairly thirty users. And in Addition a lot of vba-code offcourse.

Additional we are using a central workgroup information file (mdw).

What is the best practice for an upgrade to access 2013?

Will the front-end database could be upgraded to Access 2013 without upgrading the backend databases at first ?

I guess all users will need to have upgraded their Access to 2013 at the same time before accessing the upgraded frontend ?

What about vba code compability ?

What about the central workgroup information file (mdw). ?
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<<I don't know that you'll have any code issues moving from 2007 to 2013, but it's hard to say.>>

 Usually it's just a few minor ones.  Micrsoft tightened up on some things which in the past you could get away with, but not now.

 In addition to what Scott has said, make sure your app compiles cleanly before you try to convert.

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@Scott: Thanks for fine detailed comment. It leads me to the next questions :-)

1. Just to be sure, what do you mean by "FE". Could you please explain what yo mean ?

2. To get rid of the ULS. What would you propose ? I hear you say that ULS is "bad practice". The ULS is used here just to keep people out. More precise so people dont click by accident and opens the actual frontend database, and eventually ruin something.

3. Was it possible to have the Back-end databases in Access 2007 format while upgrading the Front-    end to the Access 2013 ? Then at the end when everybody is running Access 2013 front-end. Then finally upgrade the Access 2007 back-end databases to access 2013 format.
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Thanks for your input. It was very helpfull for my further planning on upgrading the Office 2007 database to Office 2013
You wrote:
"There have been no changes I'm aware of between 2007 and 2013 in regard to the actual data storage mechanism of the .accdb format. There have been quite a few changes in Forms/Reports etc - but a BackEnd contains tables only, and therefore none of those changes impact your backend. So yes, a 2013 FE can connect to a 2007 BE."
What about the other way. Any experience or Knowledge about the other way 2007 FE and 2013 Backend database. What that do ?
Should work fine, since a backend contains only tables. As mentioned, there's no structural difference between a 2007 db and a 2013 db. They both use the same .accdb format, and as far as I know there's been no change between the .accdb format between 07 and 13.

Remember that Access is really a combination of various programs. There's a database engine (known as the ACE engine), a Form generator, a Report generator, Query designer, etc etc. Changes in one section of that may or may not effect other sections, so it's entirely possible for the Access team to update the Report generator without touching the ACE engine.