Creating a "simple" interface for my files

Hi everybody,

I hope you are well and can help.

I am trying to make life easier by hopefully with your kind help, achieving a simple GUI.

I am running Windows 7.

Here is what I wish to do and what I have (I have attached a design as well I hope helps :>)).

I have a top folder. Let's call is "Master".
Underneath this folder, I have many subfolders, of unknown number, but all will contain 3 files, with similar naming convention.
So, the folder structure could look like this..

Parent      Child
Folder      Folder   3 files of similar naming convention

   |_______ ad
   |_______ batchfile
   |_______ sccm
   |_______ vmware

As you can see, the naming conventions for the 3 files are:


where "*" is the same name as the folder name given for the child folder these files reside in.


What I want to do is the following:

I want to be able to create a GUI interface that acts like a portal into accessing all of these files quickly.

As I see it, this GUI will contain 3 boxes:
Box 1 will populate all files from the subfolders with name 1of3_workings_*.txt
Box 2 will populate all files from the subfolders with name 2of3_sorted_*.txt
Box 3 will populate all files from the subfolders with name 3of3_master_*.txt

Maybe a refresh button on the form that when clicked, will re-read all subfolders and then load an updated list
of files into each box.

I want to be able to click on one of the boxes, select a file, and have the file opened for me to read and write information to it.

I dont want anything fancy.

I dont know whether a HTA or vbscript, or powershell would be easiest to use.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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Radek BaranowskiFull-stack Java DeveloperCommented:
As starters I'd recommend AutoIT - it has simple means of creating GUIs and works very well on the borderline between Windows shell commands and GUI interface.

Can't say anything specific right now, but I think autoIt will be easier to get to work than the mentioned rest.
Personally I would start a VB project for this (Visual Studio Express is a free product from Microsoft).
Mainly because scripting languages do not have GUI interfaces at all.
The project could be finished quickly too as you described a routing for checking the files, and populating it in 3 boxes. A bit of logic that if you click on a file that it opens, and a refresh button (which basically restarts the form) and you're all done.
Simon336697Author Commented:
Thanks guys for this.
Does anybody have any examples?

Thanks :>)
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ProfessorJimJamMicrosoft Excel ExpertCommented:
i am not sure if i understand your requirement correctly, but there is a very good free add-in for Excel that built folders tree
Since your specifications are so specific to your case, there are no examples to choose from. You have to decide what you think is best for you and the future. Therefore using a free product from MS with a WIDE user base (almost anyone can help you out with VB code), in my opinion, gives you the best results and future proofing.
While there are other solutions (also pointed out by other Experts), those languages are less used (also less user base to help you out).
Since I just did something similar for another question, here's an AutoIt script, which you can "compile" into a stand-alone exe application.
AutoIt v3.3.14.1:
SciTE for AutoIt, version 3.5.4:
Compilation instructions are in the script. It'll currently create an x64 version, but can create an x86 app as well (use SciTE's "Tools>Compile" menu).
I took the liberty of changing your initial design, using only one ListView and three radio buttons that let you select the file type; saves real estate on the screen.
The files aren't actually read from the directory; the three file names that are supposed to be there are generated, and if one isn't found, it will be shown in red.
The "Master" folder is defined in the variable $strMasterFolder in line 36, or you can pass it with the command line argument "/Master:...".
A doubleclick on a file will open it with the standard application, unless you define the $strOpenWith variable in line 37 with your custom program, or pass it with the command line argument "/OpenWith:...".
The "Open" button simply opens an Explorer window with the folder currently selected.
Use the Refresh button or F5 to re-read the directories under the Master folder.

"MasterBrowser.au3" is the main script.
"Form_Main.kxf" is the GUI definition if you ever want to change anything; you don't need it to compile the script. It can be edited using Koda (comes with SciTE); just put it in the script's folder.

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Simon336697Author Commented:
thanks so much for this oBdA.
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