IIS manager sites and development platform

Is it possible in IIS manager for all sites/apps on a given server, to identify which development platform they were built on (i.e. ASP.net), and also any database servers the apps are communicating with (i.e. their underlying SQL Server)? I am new to IIS so any screenshots would be ideal, or basic pointers..
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Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
Unfortunately there is no way of determining the information you want, thru the IIS Manager Console.

You could determine what file mappings are registered (via the Handler Mappings) to IIS (.aspx, .php, .asp, etc. )  but that does exactly tell you anything about what sites are using what platform.

You could look at the "Default Document" for each site to see what filename is at the top of the list.  But that assumes that the inherited server default configuration was overridden at the site level.

The only way to really determine this it to look into each site, check for file extensions and web.config's.

The only way to determine what application is speaking with what database is to look into the web.config's and search for connection strings.

The best recommendation I can give, is to document the IIS configuration then speak with the developers of the various sites and get their application documentation.

They is no silver bullet for this.  Its all about knowing your server's configuration, what installed on it, how the features are configured and at least a basic knowledge of what dev platforms are enabled & how they are configured.

If this is for all internal purposes, then it isn't that hard to do.  Audit your web server OS, audit IIS and then talk to the developers.  If this is for outsourced developed websites you are managing, the process is the same except you need to speak with the 3rd party.  If you are working for a hosting provider, you have a very large task in front of you.  Best you could do in this situation, is know you servers and the features installed.


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Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
I'll take a half step back on database information that can come out of IIS Manager.

You could install a module called "Database Manager" from iis.net.
link:  http://www.iis.net/downloads/microsoft/database-manager

I've not used it before, so I cannot speak for or against its stated functionality.

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