What is a Desktop Application Launcher?

On my work desktop (not my personal pc).  There's a group called Desktop Application Launcher.  What is it?   Why is it?   I want to create  shortcuts for these apps.. How can I do this?  When I right click, I can open or install or uninstall.  Some icons I can only open.
never heard of this Desktop Application launcher.
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Is there an "About" under the "Help" menu item?
The icons in yoiur screenshot are already shortcuts in that if you click on any one the associated program should start.  So you do not need Desktop Application Launcher.
You can accomplish the same thing within Windows by right clicking the executable (exe file) for each program and clicking "Pin to Taskbar".  Now you will have a shortcut to that program on the Taskbar at the bottom on the screen.  You can also (instead) choose "Pin to Start Menu" if you do not want to use up space fora Taskbar.

Did you download Desktop Application Launcher from Softonic?  I am not much of a fan of downloading programs from Softonic.

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brothertruffle880Author Commented:
Paul Macd: The about help says and my company's name is underneath.

JCimarron: I may not need the application launcher but it came with my desk.
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" I want to create  shortcuts for these apps.. How can I do this?  When I right click, I can open or install or uninstall."
As mentioned I think the icons already are shortcuts which function as you describe.
So what is it you want to know about Desktop Application Launcher ?
brothertruffle880Author Commented:
I don't get the necessity for a desktop application launcher.   Why not just have the icons on the desktop and start menu?   This is an unnecessary layer of complexity.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
> I don't get the necessity for a desktop application launcher.


> Why not just have the icons on the desktop and start menu?

Absolutely! On some machines with a relatively small number of programs, I have my commonly used programs on the Start menu. On other machines with lots of programs, I create a folder with lots of shortcuts in it, and a shortcut to that folder on the Desktop (you could also put a shortcut to that folder on the Start menu and/or pin it to the taskbar). That folder stays open all the time (in the same location on one of my three monitors) and you could easily describe it as my "desktop application launcher" — I simply click a shortcut in there whenever I want to launch a program.

> This is an unnecessary layer of complexity.


Regards, Joe
It seems to be just a simple way to access and launch most of your programs in an easy one location.
I have windows explorer folder on my task bar it acts as an easy access point to my popular programs I use a lot
windows explorer folder on taskbar
windows explorer folder on taskbarHow To Pin A Folder To The Taskbar In Windows
I use Object Dock where I can add these shortcuts to and hide it like a taskbar , create several docks on side of my desktop or top, it's just another way to have an  uncluttered desktop but easy access to launch my programs
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
>> Why is it?
This is about your work desktop so we cannot answer the why, that would be company policy. You could ask your colleagues or IT staff for details (IT helpdesk icon).

>> What is it?
That has been answered already I think, it's just a way of your IT environment where the standard applications you (must) use are presented to  you as an end user.
Thankyou brothertruffle880
regards Merete
I think I answered at least two of brothertruffle880's questions in http:#a40982054 
I also said "So you do not need Desktop Application Launcher."  That conclusion was restated  by several following posters.
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
What happened here? I don't mind sharing the answer with an additional member (jcimarron), but now my Assisted Solution has been removed. I think it should be a three-way split.

> That conclusion was restated by several following posters.

Sometimes restating (improving/enhancing/clarifying) an answer is exactly what the asker needs. In other words, the first answer, even if "right" (and it is, in this case), isn't always the best answer for the asker and doesn't have to be the Accepted Solution (or even an Assisted Solution). In fact, I replied only after eenookami sent out a message asking additional experts to review the question, which indicated to me that previous answers weren't what the asker was looking for.

I was going to file an RA on this, but since one has already been filed, I can't, so I'm going the route of this post. Regards, Joe
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