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Call procedure in subform on tab control from main form

In Access 2007, I have a form (frmAdmin) with a tab control (SMtabs) whose 4th tab labeled "Decisions" has a sub-form with a VBA procedure called InitializeNow. Because of the nature of that subform, I use unbounded fields to point to records. All of that works perfectly. My issue is that I need to run one of the subform's routines, InitializeNow, as soon as the user clicks on the main form's Decisions tab. So, I use the tab control's Change event like this:

Private Sub SMtabs_Change()
Select Case SMtabs
    Case 3  ' Decisions tab
        ' Initialize
    Case Else
        ' nothing at the moment
End Select
End Sub

If I were examining a field on the subform, this would work, but when I try to run an event, I get the lovely:

Run-time error 2465
Application-defined or object-defined error

with Debug stopping on my Forms line - It has nothing to do with the contents of InitializeNow. Should I be able to call that procedure from the Change event?


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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)
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Thanks, Rey! That was it.