Upgrade Existing Dell Poweredge r420 from 4 bay HD to 8 bay HD?

I am trying to figure out how to upgrade 2 of our existing Dell Poweredge r420s from 4 bay HDs to 8 bay HDs.  Currently it is using 4 3.5 hard drives.  We would like to put in 8 2.5 HDs.  What chassis parts would I need to do this, and where can a source them?  

I have done a bit of research (30 minutes lol), but I am not finding anything so far.  Note we already have a PERC 710 in one of them and of course would need to buy another for the one that is lacking in order to properly use any kind of hardware RAID.

Thanks for the info.
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You need the backplane into which the drives will plug in, and the .......
Check with dell parts though it might be cheaper/simpler transition to get a used version of what you want. get a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter.
pop one of the 3.5 drives replace it with the 2.5 in a 3.5 adapter. let the RAID rebiled.
The  you can use the 2.5 in the newer R420 with the 2.5 enclosures.

buying a R420 for parts if available, the MB, controller, connectors should match.
R430 comes with replaceable drive bay.
For R420 you need to buy new case (p21 in technical guide)
ebay lists cheapest R420 with 8-drive case way above dells quote of 430 with 10-drive bay.
I doubt dell will go against their commercial interest and sell you replacement server case....
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Quite a bill of materials and I may have missed something...

ASSY,CBL,MB,BP,SAS B,R420/R320 7TPNW       
ASSY,CBL,I2C,BKPLN,R420/R320 KPTMP (possibly, not sure if I2C cable is same for both)
The actual backplane isn't in this list, I think it's  K11KP although it may be included in the mechanical kit.

How do the spare part suppliers get hold of these parts? They buy a 2nd hand server and break it up for bits. They don't buy the server for these parts though, they buy it for the motherboard so the bits you need are almost leftovers. Find a spare part vendor who sells the motherboards and quite likely they have 8HDD chassis that has all the fiddly bits still on it that they'll sell to you cheap.

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CnicNVAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for the feedback, it looks like this is going to be more of an quest that I expected.  There doesn't seem to be kits to do this.  I also just received a response from Dell and they state that these parts cannot be sourced from them, which is awesome.  So, in theory I suppose it is possible to scrounge parts from different 3rd party vendors on the internet.  Dark side of capitalism.
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