Clean the outside of a pc??

brian ramdhan
brian ramdhan used Ask the Experts™
It's basically the tower and the tables I want to wipe down clean

Can I use wipes?? What you suggest??

It's for a lab.....
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Anything that evaporates quickly is fine.  In the hospital, we wipe our computers daily with this:
JoeSystems Administrator
I use Clorox wipes. Just stay away from wires and fans. If you want to be a little more safe then shutdown and unplug the PCs.
Top Expert 2013
you can use any mild soap/water combination, and wipes - best moist - not too much liquid
best avoid wetting them too much, so you don't have any dripping inside the laptop, or Power section

for screens you can use screen cleaner wipes, or products - but i did not find them necessary
for CRT screens - anti static wipes were used (caused by high voltage) -  but now less in use (backlights only have high voltage - and LED ones don't have it even)

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