How do I know how big of a power supply to get?

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I purchased this case:

1. How do I know what watt power supply to get? I will have 3-4 hard drives, video card, 32gb ram, 2 optical drives + misc components.

2. Will it fit in here?
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Awesome case and probably just about anything will fit.
However the gold PSU suggested will have plenty of power:
Or the corsair ( the one I have) mentioned is a little and Bronze  less and would probably work also:
My two cents.


Will it work with an i7-6700?

Probably will.  However when I built my computer about a year ago I created a public wish list and shared it at:
I got a lot of comments and re-reinforcements.  Sounds like it may be your first build, so give yourself some confidence I would advise doing the same thing.
Sounds like you are spending a lot more than I did .
What is your motherboard?
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I would go with a minimum of a 1000 based on the specs of the computer that you listed.  I have always been fond of using Cooler Master power supplies.  The Cooler Master V1000 will fit and should give you all the power you will need.  It also has Modular system so you just connect the cables that you need to use.  I haven't used Rosewill power supplies so I don't know how good they are.  Both power supplies have a 5 year warranty.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.

There are a number of online power supply calculators you can use to calculate how much power you need.  Examples below.

You don't specify your graphics card and that could have a draw of anything from 100 to 300 watts and affect and guesses we make.
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one of the best (read : accurate) calculators i found is this :      

often it says to use much smaller PS'es than others  - and they have always worked ok for me.

buyin overwattage does not help a pc - it costs you more, and may even use more power

>>  1. How do I know what watt power supply to get? I will have 3-4 hard drives, video card, 32gb ram, 2 optical drives + misc components.  <<  in the calculator, you specify these - and you'll get the result

>>  2. Will it fit in here?   <<  any standard ATX power supply fits in any standard tower; only for SFF and small towers you need to look out
Danny ChildIT Manager

Other things to bear in mind are whether it's a modular power supply - high-end units often have many different internal power cables, and you may want to have these to be detachable, to reduce the internal spaghetti inside the case.  As well as looking nicer, this also helps airflow.

You may also want to consider the noise levels.

You might find this to be a useful resource when considering the above:
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computer guy, how is ti going?
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