What is preventing setup.exe from running from my CD? It worked yesterday before a big Windows update ran.

I pulled out a 5 year old Acer (it's been shut down for about 14 months) so I could use it to run Red Alert 2. (I can only get RA2 to run on Win 7 systems which is what this Acer is running)

Yesterday, I booted the machine, played around with it for a bit and then inserted the CD and ran the setup. The setup was successful and I played the game for an hour or so. Later, I rebooted and played again for a bit. All was well.

This morning, I noticed the system had run a Windows update and installed a bunch of stuff. It had also scheduled another update for the next time I shutdown  my computer (or 3am tomorrow).

I didn't think anything of it and tried to play Red Alert. Nothing happened when I clicked the icon. RA checks to make sure that a valid CD is in the drive before it runs. This test seemed to be failing although I didn't figure that out until after I had uninstalled RA2.

I disabled (and eventually uninstalled) an anti-virus program called AVG 2013 although I'm not sure why this would have helped since it was enabled when I successfully installed yesterday.

Now, when I click the setup.exe on the CD ROM (it's readable as I can copy it to the hard drive), I get the user account control dialog box asking me if I want to run the program and when I click Yes, nothing happens.

Task manager indicates that "Setup.exe" is running and then another "SETUP.EXE" (all caps) appears in the list and then disappears in about a second. The original Setup.exe also disappears from the list.

The Acer is running Win 7 (x64) Home Premium, SP1.

Can anyone suggest what might have gone wrong?

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You can use System Restore to roll back the system to before the updates were installed. Make sure the game installs and runs fine then.

Then install the updates only a few at a time, checking on the game being able to run after every reboot. It's possibly only one update that's causing the issue, or it's possible that after doing all the updates piecemeal, they all install without causing issues with the game this time around. I've had problems with installing a huge batch of Windows 7 updates at once that splitting them up solved.

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try also running sfc http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/1538-sfc-scannow-command-system-file-checker.html         SFC

you are sure there is no malware involved?  if in doubt, run mbam : http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php       

**are you running setup from disk or from CD?  try both
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
My wild guess is that your AVG 2013 has corrupted the windows 7 OS.

Download AVG uninstall tool 2013 (64 bit) from the link below to remove it completely.

ou81aswell - how is it going?
need more info?
ou81aswellAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay.

I ran the SFC and it said the system was clean. I had malwarebytes already installed and it was not reporting anything. I tried uninstalling all sorts of stuff including AVG but still, the setup.exe on the CD was failing (without any sort of error message).

So I simply used System restore to take it back to last Tuesday. I was able to re-install from the CD and the game runs properly now. I have told Windows update to download updates but to let me decide when to install them. Since I intend to use this machine only for this game and perhaps the occasional Internet browsing session, I can live with an out of date system. (Heck, the game is from 2001)

I noticed that once I restored back to Tuesday, Apple iTunes (and a bunch of other Apple stuff like iCloud) wanted to update themselves. I wondered if that may have anything to do with it but kind of doubt it. Since the rig is working the way I want it to I decided to not update the Apple stuff either.
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