update vbs script for ODBC connection to include a password

I have a script: but I need now to include a password for this script please:
This is a code pulled off the internet.

'*****      This script creates a DSN for connecting to a
'*****      SQL Server database. To view errors comment out line 16
'*****      Script Name: AutoDSN_CPIR_DataViewer.vbs
'*****      Author: original by:Darron Nesbitt
'*****      Depends: VBScript, WScript Host
'*****      Created: 09/26/2010 (original on:10/2/2001)

'Values for variables on lines 25 - 29, 32, and 36
'must be set prior to running this script.

      On Error Resume Next

      Dim RegObj
      Dim SysEnv

      Set RegObj = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

      '***** Specify the DSN parameters *****

    DataSourceName = "Sql_2005_Express2"
 '   DatabaseName = "Default"
    Description = "Main Database Connection"
    LastUser = "sa"
    Server = "2CE942HWD1\SQLEXPRESS"

       'if you use SQL Server the driver name would be "SQL Server"
    DriverName = "SQL Server"

       'Set this to True if Windows Authentication is used
       'else set to False or comment out
    WindowsAuthentication = false

      'point to DSN in registry

   ' Open the DSN key and check for Server entry
        lResult = RegObj.RegRead (REG_KEY_PATH & "\Server")

      'if lResult is nothing, DSN does not exist; create it
        if lResult = "" then

        'get os version through WSCript Enviroment object
         Set SysEnv = RegObj.Environment("SYSTEM")
        OSVer = UCase(SysEnv("OS"))

         'check which os is running so correct driver path can be set
        Select Case OSVer
          Case "WINDOWS_NT"
              DrvrPath = "C:\WinNT\System32"
          Case Else
              DrvrPath = "C:\Windows\System"
        End Select

        'create entries in registry
        RegObj.RegWrite REG_KEY_PATH & "\DataBase",DatabaseName,"REG_SZ"
        RegObj.RegWrite REG_KEY_PATH & "\Description",Description,"REG_SZ"
        RegObj.RegWrite REG_KEY_PATH & "\LastUser",LastUser,"REG_SZ"
        RegObj.RegWrite REG_KEY_PATH & "\Server",Server,"REG_SZ"
        RegObj.RegWrite REG_KEY_PATH & "\Driver",DrvrPath,"REG_SZ"

        'if WindowsAuthentication set to True,
        'a trusted connection entry is added to registry
        'else, SQL Authentication is used.
        if WindowsAuthentication = True then
          RegObj.RegWrite REG_KEY_PATH & "\Trusted_Connection","Yes","REG_SZ"
        end if

        'point to data sources key
        REG_KEY_PATH = "HKLM\SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBC.INI\ODBC Data Sources\" & DataSourceName

        'and add the name of the new dsn and the driver to use with it
        RegObj.RegWrite REG_KEY_PATH,DriverName,"REG_SZ"

        MsgBox DataSourceName & " DSN Created!"

            MsgBox DataSourceName & " DSN already exists!"
      end if

      Set RegObj = Nothing
      Set SysEnv = Nothing

'  END AutoDSN.txt

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This might help. It explains where the password needs to go.


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FordraidersAuthor Commented:
what i ended up doing was exporting the current System DSN connection from the registry.


Saving as a .reg   file..

Double clicking it will re-install the DSN with password !

FordraidersAuthor Commented:
Thanks, at least gave me the idea to export the connections..
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