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Xpmode vms all have same IP address. Not using Nat.

Have about 10 xpmode vms that share or use three ip addresses. Not using Nat but sharing the built in NIC. Tried Nat but Nat did not work. I changed the MAC address of each VM. But the ip addresses do not change. What do I do?
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If you are try to use just XP Mode, you can only have one legal XP Mode machine .10 may be getting caught this way.

If you really need 10 XP machines (I have 2) get VMware Workstation (or VMware Player) because you can run multiple machines this way.

Further, on the assumption you may wish at some point to work in Windows 10, XP Mode does not come with Windows 10.

VMware Workstation is top of class and will do what you want. I use it myself in Windows 10 (and prior operating systems).
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Ah. But I have 10 different windows 7 workstations each using its own xpmode vm. I like your solution but It seems there should be an easier way.  can I manually assign each xpmode machine a unique MAC address?
Try NAT again to see if that will work for you. You will get unique IP addresses that way.

If you are not using NAT, then you are using Bridged networking. Every VM on one host will get the IP address from the network (not the host machine) and that should not cause same IP addresses.

I take my thinking from VMware which I use, but here is an XP Mode support article.
Did you happen to copy an XP Mode machine from one host to another. And if so, did you try changing the network settings?   In the settings dialog box which can be accessed using ‘Settings’ option under ‘Tools’ element, you can change the network settings.
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Thank you. Putting in a MANUAL Mac address works.