Intermittent connection to internet but Local area network functions superb. Server 2012,

I have a strange problem that has me stumped. I am running a windows 2012 Domain. All network drives work great  and most of the computers connect to the internet without an issue. The issue I am having is some computers cannot connect to the internet. I released/renewed the IP address/ try setting it to a static IP and still I cannot connect to the internet with those computers.  I have a Cisco ASA 5505 that has a 10 User bundle  license, could it be restricting only 10 users to the internet at a time? Is there a restriction on the amount of users for 2012 essentials ?
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Hi jbovalley1, its possible the 5505 is not letting computers get IP addresses, but if that was the case they wouldn't have any network access.

Can the computers without internet access get to the network file shares ok? If they can, the fact they can get network shares tells me that that's not the issue.

If they can't, it very well might be the 5505. The 5505 restriction has to do with the number of IP addresses it hands out.

If you do an ipconfig at the command prompt and you see an ip address that matches your ip addressing scheme, it's getting an ip ok.

You can also log into the 5505 to see how many IP addresses are being used and compare to the number of computers on your network. This assumes you are using the 5505 for DHCP, do you know if that is the case?

I would check the dns settings on those computers. Make sure the DNS is setup correctly, compare to a computer that is working. Whether that is using your 2012 server or your internet provider. You can also temporarily setup the dns to point to your internet providers dns directly to see if that works to narrow it down.

The other question I would have is are the computers that are not connecting on the same network segment/switch/wifi device (if its wireless) as the ones that are?
jbovalley1Author Commented:
The  computers are all on the same segment on the same switch that is connected to the ASA. The Dan works fine for all the computer on the Lan it jus doesn't allow for 2 computers to venture out to the Internet.
jbovalley1Author Commented:
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Matthew DemareeBusiness Owner/Support SpecialistCommented:
The easy solution, set your IP information manually on the computers to start to identify the problems set IP address to 10.1.10.* or 192.168.1.* (see note below) set netmax to and your DNS to and and your gateway to your internet connection router IP.
Note: IP and gateway should be all be on the same net such as 10.1.10.* or 192.168.1.* where * is a unique number 1 through 254. Usually your gateway will default to 1.

If you are trying to run DNS through your server that is where you want to troubleshoot the problem. Run the Best Practice Analyzer and google the findings as you see them for DHCP and DNS if you desire the server to assign IPs and manage the DNS.

If you attempt to ping out to and you see an IP address but no traffic try: ping -4
This will force the ping to use the IPv4 address. If it works but doesn't with IPv6 your problem is probably with the IPv6 and you can safely disable it from your IP settings or at least you know where the problem is to narrow down the issue.
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
Install telnet client on one of the machines and see if you can connect running:

telnet 80

push enter a couple of times and see if you get header error or something.  If you get a timeout, you're being blocked somehow on port 80.
jbovalley1Author Commented:
If it were port 80 then no others would connect either, and being its intermittent these computers do also connect it's just when they are all on they do it which lead me to think about the license on the ASA but wasn't sure of that could be the issue. ... The entire network works fine if there are less than 10  computers connected ...
jbovalley1Author Commented:
I also tried setting the IP address on the computers to static but have he same issue...
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
I think you answered your own question.  Sounds like you need more seats on your licensing.
jbovalley1Author Commented:
@choward16980.  Are you saying  that the ASA would only allow 10 clients to access the Internet at a time because of license ? I suspects this but need to verify that it is the case before I go out an purchase a bigger license package.
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:

I suspect that the ASA 5505 only has 10-user license and then there were more than 10 machines tried to go out to the Internet simultaneously
jbovalley1Author Commented:
I will replace the ASA instead of purchasing new license... Im going with a Sonic Wall which is much easier to manage and a lot less expensive since its not limited to 10 users ! If it works out I'll update the posting tomorrow...
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
Cisco's licensing model is unrealistic for small business.

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jbovalley1Author Commented:
It was the license issue .. Replaced win a sonic wall tz105 and all is well.
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