How can I move OWA folder from one location to another

I have an SBS 2007 server and I installed Exchange service pack 3. Installation was successful without any errors. Then I found out a little later that OWA was not working (404 -File or Directory not found). After much research, I found out my OWA folder is in the "default web site" location different from all the rest of the folder site "SBS Web Applications".

 I have run the shell commands to remove the OWA and create a new one (New-OwaVirtualDirectory -OwaVersion "Exchange2007" -Name "owa (SBS Web Applications)" but it continue creating the OWA folder in "default web site".

Therefore; we can't use OWA.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I have include a picture from IIS for your info. The "Default Web Site" is not running.

I really don't know why the location of the folder changed during SP3 installation.
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Amit KumarCommented:
This is correct, in SBS all Exchange VDs will be created in SBS Web Applications. You just need to do one thing, change site binding on port 80 for default or SBS. as two sites running on same port will stop once site at least.

Please revert OWA directory in SBS web applications and either stop default web site or change port of default web site which on 80 to 81. then you will be able to start both at same time. Refer this article
HariomExchange ExpertsCommented:
Please make sure https bindings for the Default web site is set as per following article
AdamsonPaulAuthor Commented:
To Amit:

Thanks for your response.

So if I understand your answer, you want me to bind port 80 and 443 to "Default Web Site" and unbind it from SBS Web Applications and have both sites running at the same time? Is that correct?

Are all of the other Folders (?) like Exchange, Exchweb, etc under SBS Web Applications needed?

 I could stop SBS Web Applications all together but I don't know if it will have some other implications.

Sorry for stupid questions and I am a newbie on Exchange.
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AdamsonPaulAuthor Commented:

I am reviewing this long thread that you recommended and at the same time waiting for an answer from Amit.

AdamsonPaulAuthor Commented:

I don't know if I was clear on my statement. There is no OWA folder under SBS Web Applications. So, i will have to use it under "Default Web Sites".

I don't understand your statement "revert"

Thanks. Paul
Amit KumarCommented:
when you are creating OWA VD you will have to use SBS web application site only and don't remove 80 and 443 binding from SBS web application because that will be main site for you. you can change only 80 binding on default web site with 81 that all you need to do.
AdamsonPaulAuthor Commented:

I appreciate answering my question.

The problem is that it was looking for the OWA folder in the SBS Web location and there was no OWA folder there. I still don't understand what effect changing the port is going to resolve.

I solved my problem by creating a new OWA using the GUI and then I ran the shell command:

New-OwaVirtualDirectory -WebSiteName "SBS Web Applications

I then had an issue with authentication, this command corrected my problem.

Set-OwaVirtualDirectory -Identity "ServerName\owa (SBS Web Applications)" -FormsAuthentication $true

Thanks again for your attempt to help.

Regards, Paul

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David Johnson, CD, MVPRetiredCommented:
a website must have one of the following to be uniqu
hostname, port, ip-address
simply change the binding for the owa folder to owa in the hostname
AdamsonPaulAuthor Commented:
Suggestions did not fix my problem.
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