PC maintenance

Hello Experts,

Which are the main tasks to perform when doing a good complete pc maintenance?
I believe our technicians are not always doing the same activities so I would like to know what to control or demand.
RGuillermoProject ManagerAsked:
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andreasSystem AdminCommented:
what needs to be done depends on use case of the PCs, where the pcs are used each country and field of use has its own rules and regulations.

Also specify if you just mean maintenance regarding software, like updates and patching or also the physical hardware like remove dust, clean filters.

Most important thing to do is to keep all software and the operating system up to date with all updates and security patches.
RGuillermoProject ManagerAuthor Commented:
Andres, Hi
its about hardware, test memory cards for proper functioning, hhd maintenance, remove dust clean filters but also update hardware drivers...

regarding software its important to maintain good speed....

Thank you,
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you are buying commercial computers and have extended maintenance support (we do for our clients) then you do not really need to "maintain and test" hardware. (a) commercial machines last a long time and (b) maintenance support will have breakdowns fixed quickly.

Do keep them clean and free of excessive dust.
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Things to do are

1. Run Windows Updates consistently to ensure you're machine is fully patched.
2. Look on the vendors website to ensure you always have the latest BIOS versions and also Drivers.
3. Run a defrag of the machine regularly
4. Run disk cleanup to remove un-needed files.
5. Ensure you update your machine regularly (Java/Adobe Flash Player/Adobe Reader)
6. Remove any applications you dont use.

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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
I would mention one important taks which is a regular chkdsk checks of the file systems.
RGuillermoProject ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all Experts!!
all these tests are not needed imo
the best test is the OS itself - if it runs ok - no need to intervene, other than keeping the fans clean, and the system free from dust
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
@nobus agree, the OS is a very good test. The problem is some of the users will not notice if the OS is not performing well/properly.

I've just recently had a user with data loss due to a dead hard disk.
Later, after questioning him about what happened to the PC and what was the last things he did on the machine before it broke,
it turned out that the PCs were slower for quite a while (weeks) before the disks failed.
And a few days before the failure the PC was making slightly different noises than usual.

Those symptoms were ignored by the user as he didnt thought it could be a problem at all.

So in some cases it could be useful to run some hardware diagnostics, especially to look at the smart values of the disks.

Also its important to check the RAID status if the machine has a raid, even e-mail alerts are configured.
Sometimes the mail alerting break (e.g. due to changes to the mailserver, e.g. mandatory encrypted communication to the client or smtp auth), so you might not get the warning mails at all.

But regular mem-testing, defragging the disk or cleanup of old unused files is overkill in very most cases.
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