Network issues Sonicwall mutiple subnets

So heres the problem. I inherited this network recently and here is a brief overview of the the setup

Problem is randomly machines on the 4th floor keeps loosing access to internet. but i can ping the local gateway and acces any local resources

When i do a packet capture it looks like the ICMP packets to try to go though the sonicwall

206      10.565396000      ICMP      74      Echo (ping) request  id=0x0002, seq=16060/48190, ttl=128 (no response found!)
Ethernet II, Src: Microsof_01:29:15 (00:15:5d:01:29:15), Dst: Sonicwal_7d:b4:ea (c0:ea:e4:7d:b4:ea)
Destination: Sonicwal_7d:b4:ea (c0:ea:e4:7d:b4:ea)
Address: Sonicwal_7d:b4:ea (c0:ea:e4:7d:b4:ea)
.... ..0. .... .... .... .... = LG bit: Globally unique address (factory default)
.... ...0 .... .... .... .... = IG bit: Individual address (unicast)

But default gateway for the 4th floor is the ASA 5515.

this is the NAT rule on the SONIC Wall

When you restart the the NIC on the affected PC it starts to work again sometime you need to reboot.
Management is not letting me take the link down during the day.

Im planning on removing the LAN cable and running a fiber to the ASA and routing the and from the firewall but i have to wait till next weekend unfortunately

so is there anything i can do for the time being to fix this

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Rat ZuluAsked:
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NetExpert Network Solutions Pte LtdTechnical SpecialistCommented:
do you see other options in NAT policy translated source.

Instead of X2 subnet, do you see anything like X2 interface ip or wan interface ip ?

I am sure the flapping issue is because of double NAT for the source ( one on sonicwall and another one on the ASA)

while the internet flapping issue on the 19th floor, will you able to ping ASA LAN interface ip address

you may cross check your NAT config with the below url
Rat ZuluAuthor Commented:
19th Floor internet is fine, the issue is happening downstairs on the 4th floor main network

sometimes even the VM's loose internet. i did a packet capture when this issue was happening and it turns out the host is trying to go trough the sonic-wall for some reason when pinging any outside IP addresses
Have you checked the cable going to the 4th floor, and have you checked the switch on the 4th floor? Could be a purely physical issue. You should not need the ASA at all. Another idea is to try configuring another Sonicwall port to the same subnet (like making X2 and X3 in the same PortSheild group).
Rat ZuluAuthor Commented:
I resolved the issue by setting up a separate interface on the ASA and allowing intrainterface traffic

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Rat ZuluAuthor Commented:
it works
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