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I put Kubuntu on an old computer, and the default KDE plasma, seems to much for the video card. So I put a video card in the old thing, and was able to run plasma, but I can't keep the video card in the pc ( it's a long story - not worth the time ) So while the video card is in the pc, I install lxde, and took the video card out. That worked great, the lxde desktop displays fine.
So I want to run the proprietary drivers thing, because I think this old pc has an NVidia card in it. My theory is that once the drivers are install, maybe KDE plasma will work. I'm doing all of this because I prefer plasma.
the problem is that in lxde, I've search through all the menus and can't find the thing to install additional drivers. I did see it when I had the add-on video card, and was running KDE plasma. I'm assuming that with the add-on video card, running the additional drivers thing would load drivers for the add-on card and not the on board video. I think this would happen because when the add-on video is installed, I think the bios disables the on board video.
So is there a way to get to kde plasma menu items with in lxde?
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The Nouveau Drivers which are the default OpenSource drivers for nVidia cards usually will work perfectly fine.

What hardware does your PC have?

Also, in my point of view, you'd be better off to use Makulu Linux than Lubuntu or Kubuntu, It is much faster and looks much better. There is a KDE version, but I'd recommend the XFCE version as it runs really well. It also includes a legacy driver utility which automatically finds if there are legacy drivers available for your hardware:

JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
thank you for the suggestion, I could try Makulu at a different time, but the actual question is

"So is there a way to get to kde plasma menu items with in lxde? "
Lxde is a different UI than  KDE and doesn't have Plasma.

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JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
so that means there's not a way to get to the menu items?
I thought the menu items would just be installed programs, So just because I've changed my UI, doesn't mean the programs are removed. If I were to do nothing else but change the UI, the additional drivers thing would be something I could select.
The real question is were is the additional drivers program? Could I find it somewhere like
LXDE has different menus from KDE, and the Distro is also different, it has different packages installed.

With some Ubuntu Distro's, the Legacy drivers are an option of the Synaptic package manager.

But as I already mentioned, the nouveau driver which is the default Linux driver for nVidia cards, is very good.

Besides, as I already asked, please post the manufacturer and model of the PC, with the hardware it uses. For old cards a legacy driver won't help.
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I was involved with other things and couldn't get to this.
First things first, the computer is an E machine, ET1161-07 and I ran
lspci | grep VGA
in a terminal and it said it's a Radeon HD 3450
I had a NVidia card in it initially, but it turns out I had to give that to someone else.
I feel we are debating the whole video driver thing, which was not my intention.
All I know is that when I install kubuntu, and do nothing else, so that the nouveau driver would be in use, the video is messed up so that menus don't display well. In fact I have to hit ctrl+alt+F1 to get to a terminal and sudo shutdown now -h to turn off the computer because I can't see the menu.
Then when I put the Nvidia, or the ATI card in, the menus look fine. Also, when I use lxde the video looks fine
I didn't want to use an add on card, I want to use the on board video, but to see the proprietary drivers, it's listed in the kde version of kubuntu, but doesn't show in lxde.
So because of all of that, I was hoping that the proprietary drivers thing was just not in the menu of lxde, but still exist somewhere so that I could run it.
I hope I explained this well, I don't always make things as clear as I think I do.
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
thank you.
Nouveau is the OpenSource Community driver built for NVidia cards, not for AMD (ATI) cards.

I have now downloaded and installed Lubuntu, and if you open Synaptic, the package manager, and then click on "Settings", "Repositories", you'll have the "Additional Drivers" tab. If you click on that the system will search for 3rd party drivers that apply to your system and list them. You can then select the ones you want to install.
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