Hi guys, i will try to be as clear as possible.

I have add a new switch cascade to the switch i have place, office has grown alot so that is why.

Here is what i had ....     CORE SWITCH with 2 more and 72 connected , then i have fibers from this 2 connecting to 2 others on each floor, one of them switch is the one i cascade the new switch with IP

I have DHCP running on a server and have dhcp relay in place on my core, i created a new VLAN ID 10 for the new office space but i cant get an ip from the DHCP server on the VLAN, all the old VLANS i had in place works. I can get an ip address fine. The problem is the new one on the new switch.
New VLAN on switchs, 10.101.71 and 72 and 77 works fine as well, like i said just can't make it work on the new Switch.

Any ideas guys, im not a pro on Network and run out of ideas. i checked and rechecked all the configs on all switches.

Thanks in advance.
Rafael CorrêaAsked:
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Anthony CarterCommented:
Did you set up the trunk between the new switch and the old network?
Are you getting any network on the new switch?  Set your IP manually and see if you can ping across to the other switches on old and new VLANs.

Which device is your Layer 3 switch?  This is needed to jump over your different vlan subnets.  Have you set up the ACL to allow the new VLAN to get to the relevant VLAN that hosts the DHCP server/relay?
Rafael CorrêaAuthor Commented:
Hi Antonhy, like i said im not a pro on Networking but i will try to answer.

Yes trunk is set up btw the new switch and old with VLAN 1 untagged and all other vlans tagged

Yes i can ping the new switch, everything works on the new switch except the new VLAN doesnt get an IP, even if i setup ip manualy on the new vlan it doesnt work on the new switch. Old Vlans like works fine. New Vlan works on all old switchs.

Layer 3 is and i think ACL is right because it works on everything else except the new switch, i checked the rule and i have rule 7 permit i guest that is for all VLANs

My problem is on the new switch i think, i miss something :(
Anthony CarterCommented:

I always find it easier to work backwards with this kind of setup.

1) Set a port (let's say port 5) on the new switch to untagged 10.
2) Set IP manually (and gateway pointed at your layer 3 switch IP for vlan 10) laptop plugged into port 5.
3) Ping the layer 3 switch IP for vlan 10.

This will tell you if there is any issues between client and the layer 3 switch first and foremost.  If you can get this working then we look at layer 3.  If not, then make sure that the trunk (tagged) between the switches allow VLAN 10.  Go to your new switch and do:

vlan 10
tagged <port to next switch>

Now, ping to the IP (on the layer 3) of the VLAN (let's say 99) that your DHCP server is in.
If this fails, the route between VLAN 10 and VLAN 99 is not being allowed (look at ACL).

Once you can ping the Layer 3 switch IP for the DHCP vlan, you should be able to ping the DHCP server.  If you get this far and still not working, make sure your VLAN10 on your layer 3 has the iphelper enabled for the dhcp.

What I believe is your issue is that you have not tagged vlan 10 for using the uplink port(s) to the next switch along.  HP Procurve needs each vlan added, there is no "allow all" unless you enable GVRP (if supported on your model) on both switches (or all switches).
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Anthony CarterCommented:
Also, don't forget the other end of the uplink, the next switch along must also have vlan 10 tagged to allow passing traffic to it.

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Anthony CarterCommented:
Lastly, what model is the new switch?  Does it use comwave or provision?  There is differences between these two for how to configure (and naming differences just to confuse people).

I have found this guide invaluable when working with the HP Procurves as it gives Cisco, Procurve and Comwave equivalents in easy understandable tables: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CB4QFjAAahUKEwi3pcOt9YPIAhWCth4KHZLeDjY&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.consulting.erc.ua%2Fsites%2Fdefault%2Ffiles%2Fhp_cli_ref_guide_ver2_jan13.pdf&usg=AFQjCNFgW5eGQekHD9mUHyeemMdmBM6WuQ&sig2=2v9U-XUT13RdenfR8D1W9A
Anthony CarterCommented:
From the document I posted the link to:

In Cisco and Comware5, for example, the term trunk refers to an interface that you configure to support
802.1Q VLAN tagged frames. That is, an interface that you configure to support multiple VLANs is a
trunk interface in each VLAN in Cisco and Comware5. In the ProVision operating system, on the other
hand, an interface that supports multiple VLANs is a tagged interface in each VLAN.

In addition, ProVision referes to aggregated interfaces as a trunk. In Comware5 the term is bridge
aggregation, while in Cisco it is EtherChannel.

So it can sometimes get confusing, especially as 'some' HP Procurve are ProVision and some are Comware5.
Rafael CorrêaAuthor Commented:

Was a stupid config error like you said i didnt add VLAN 10 to uplink trunk port on switch 77, everytime i checked the config i was looking at port 49 witch is the uplink to layer 3, from the new switch was port 50, thank you a lot for all the info you posted and your help.
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