view bios settings from within windows

Dear all,
i am having problems with a customer who has at home problems with his pc; but it works ok when i bring it to my repair bank.
so, i would like to see with teamviewer the UEFI settings of his PC, because he lives nearly 100 km away
it is a very powerful one, with i7 cpu, 32 Gb ram, 250 GB SSD + 4GB drive for storage, and a  video card GTX760 Pe16 Geforce 2GB - together with an ample Power supply

does such a software exist for PC?

also to EE mods : i cannot add topics for this question, it only suggests non applicabale topics !!! please make it selectable from lists again? !
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I use 3 tools, only one of which comes with Windows.

MSINFO32.EXE comes with Windows and has some information. I am sure you have seen it.
Speccy from Piriform (ccCleaner) is very good and has most information you want. You would have to install it on the other (remote) PC to see what is going on. I recommend you try it just to see.
Glary Utilities V5 has some good system information, but overall, not as comprehensive as Speccy.

Nothing in Windows (that I know of) replaces BIOS in terms of making changes. Lenovo use to have a BIOS settings program but I don't recall it ran in Windows. I will try to remember to look it up. If the remote computer is not Lenovo, it is a moot point.

Try Speccy.
nobusAuthor Commented:
the main goal is only to see them; changing is not required - but if it exists, it should be handy
msinfo only says what bios version it is - it does not show the settings - or am i wrong here?
i'll try speccy now - but the home page does not talk about UEFI or bios info ??
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Speccy lets you see almost everything.  Under Motherboard (in Speccy) it shows you the BIOS date and other information in the BIOS, but I cannot see UEFI extensions.

Still lots of information. I am reviewing it all now.
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nobusAuthor Commented:
i found this interesting youtube, using wmic :
the first command works, but the 2nd not
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Interesting. I think Speccy gets its information from wmic as well. I recognized some of the variables.
nobusAuthor Commented:
i need to say that the first command gets some info - but i doubt it's the right info

i'll wait for others to chip in, and comment on the wmic
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
Would it be feasible for a kvm over ip to be installed? The cheapest I can see is around $100

nobusAuthor Commented:
Rob - i don't see how that ca,n help for remotely viewing bios settings - explain plse !
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
What motherboard is he using? My MSI motherboard has a software which allows viewing all BIOS settings in Windows version of thrir utility. Although it is not for remote using a combination of team viewer with thus tool would help you.
nobusAuthor Commented:
an asus H97M-E
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
Rob - i don't see how that ca,n help for remotely viewing bios settings - explain plse !
KVM over IP redirects [K]eyboard, [V]ideo, and [M]ouse allowing you to connect to the "console" over a network, giving you access to all video output, including PRE-OS screens (including BIOS/UEFI setup screens). Very relevant and the best suggestion so far. At $100, it's not cheap (I'm sure you can find something cheaper somewhere), and it might not be feasible for this situation, but like I said it would be the BEST solution to your request/problem. As noxcho suggested, some specific motherboards/brands may have utilities, but other than that, I've only ever seen this on servers, using the manufacturers' management utilities. Standard OEM machines won't offer this (except for specific business-class machines - I know Dell has a utility for configuring BIOS options on enterprise systems, but I'm not sure if it allows active monitoring of settings).

Cheap option ... have him stream video of his BIOS settings screens during POST.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Have you tried remotely installing Asus' Boot Setting tool for Windows?
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:

Thanks for the explanation.  Could not have said that any better :)

*chuckle* -> loved the idea about a live video chat.  so practical!
nobusAuthor Commented:
Masq - your link points to the drivers page - so i don't see any tool
Poweredgetech  -that seems to work - but costly for a one time use; though it answers the question

more solutions plse?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
I see the only cheap approach - let the user enter the BIOS and switch through all settings. At the same time take video with a phone cam of the screen. Then send this video to you.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
"Masq - your link points to the drivers page - so i don't see any tool"
Didn't know which OS you needed, if you select at that link it's under Utilities
nobusAuthor Commented:
windows 7 64 bit
i checked the utilities - but did not find it
i'm amazed  that apparently no free - or commercial software does this
Carlos IjalbaIT Systems DirectorCommented:

to be able to connect to the BIOS remotely, you simply need an out-of-band management option in your PC wich involves a Service Processor chip, and firmware based (BIOS-grade as you cannot use BIOS nor OS APIs, but write your own) software.

Usually this is only found in servers and maybe some professional workstations.

You can buy a out-of-band management controller card and plug it into any PC to gain this functionality, but as it is a professional option, it does not come cheap, for example you can check out MegaRAC card from American Megatrends, the company that made the DRAC (Dell Remote Access Console for DELL servers).

You can check out:

That's why you won't find any free software for this, it needs hardware backing.

Also note that after buying the cheapest models of Fujitsu / Dell / Lenovo servers, this option is also available, but only by buying a separate licence for remote access and remote console sessions. So definitely none of this comes free, nor cheap.

Your cheapest options are going to be via videochat as they have suggested before, via a mobile phone or with a laptop or tablet with google hangouts, Skype, Line, etc...

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Asus Boot Setting Win 7 64
See if that gets you close to what you need.
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
Also note that after buying the cheapest models of Fujitsu / Dell / Lenovo servers, this option is also available, but only by buying a separate licence for remote access and remote console sessions
Speaking only of Dell Remote Access Controllers, with the DRAC 4/5, all that is needed is the DRAC daughterboard - no additional licensing is required. The iDRAC line in the latest servers require an Enterprise license for console redirection.
nobusAuthor Commented:
ok - i can understand that
noxcho - o already had him take pictures of the bios, but that is a slow method

anybody wishes to comment on WMIC command  for this?
as i posted it produces an output, but i doubt if it is correct
I too would be really curious to actually compare the WMIC BIOS GET results to the actual CMOS Settings and documented capabilities of my computer.  Just a couple of incidental bits of info for you:

The WMIC BIOS CREATE and DELETE instructions, followed by the BIOS characteristic names and values writes or removes settings from the CMOS.  It cannot "flash" the BIOS which, as we know, is ROM.  Obviously you could still boot into the CMOS Setup screen and reset the data again.

You may see a line like this in your GET results:


The translated values from are:

0      Reserved
1      Reserved
2      Unknown
3      BIOS Characteristics Not Supported
4      ISA supported
5      MCA supported
6      EISA supported
7      PCI supported
8      PCMCIA Card supported
9      Plug and Play supported
10      APM supported
11      BIOS Flash Upgradeable
12      BIOS shadowing allowed
13      VL-VESA supported
14      ESCD support available
15      Boot from CD supported
16      Selectable Boot supported
17      BIOS ROM socketed
18      Boot From PCMCIA Card supported
19      EDD (Enhanced Disk Drive) Spec supported
20      Int 13h - Jap Floppy for NEC 9800 1.2mb (3.5", 1k Bytes/Sector, 360 RPM) supported
21      Int 13h - Jap Floppy for Toshiba 1.2mb (3.5", 360 RPM) supported
22      Int 13h - 5.25" / 360 KB Floppy Services supported
23      Int 13h - 5.25" /1.2MB Floppy Services supported
24      Int 13h - 3.5" / 720 KB Floppy Services supported
25      Int 13h - 3.5" / 2.88 MB Floppy Services supported
26      Int 5h, Print Screen Service supported
27      Int 9h, 8042 Keyboard services supported
28      Int 14h, Serial Services supported
29      Int 17h, printer services supported
30      Int 10h, CGA/Mono Video Services supported
31      NEC PC-98
32      ACPI supported
33      USB Legacy supported
34      AGP supported
35      I2O boot supported
36      LS-120 boot supported
37      ATAPI ZIP Drive boot supported
38      1394 boot supported
39      Smart Battery supported
40:47 Reserved for BIOS Vendor
48:63 Reserved for BIOS Vendor

It is possible to create a Powershell Script with simple English (or Dutch) translations of these values as shown in the BIOS section on this page:
nobusAuthor Commented:
Bill - that looks like a good start
can you provide such a script?
Sorry nobus, I have never really studied Powershell in any depth.  I was only going by the script shown in the "Query CPU, BIOS and Memory using WMI and Powershell" article on the page behind my 2nd link:
Actually, that's a separate article available on its own here:
and the section heading you are looking for is entitled: "Now lets move on to some BIOS Information".
It looks like the script defines an array using a handful of the Bios Characteristic numeric values and sets then as strings.

Using the    WMIC.EXE BIOS GET    command it looks like you can create an lookup table for values using the     /TRANSLATE:<table_name>    switch, but you would have to experiment with putting the   /FORMAT:<format_specifier>    in front of the   /TRANSLATE switch or vice versa, because the first one modifies the results of the next.  Unfortunately I don't know how to format the lookup table for the descriptions of the bios characteristic values, and I don't know what file extension it needs to be.   It might just be like this:
4=ISA supported
5=MCA supported
6=EISA supported
7=PCI supported
8=PCMCIA Card supported
9=Plug and Play supported
etc, etc.
But it might need to be tab or comma separated or even in XML formatting like the *.XSL files that WMIC uses for the formatting instructions., for example "csv.xsl" that would be used if you wanted the output to be formatted as CSV:
wmic bios get /format:csv

WMIC BIOS GET /?    for help
nobusAuthor Commented:
seems my wishes will not be fulfilled
apparently, pc's do not work like in fairies
Het zou goed zijn als we zonder computers kunnen leven. Dank u Nobus
nobusAuthor Commented:
amai Bill - you keep on amazing me !
correct Dutch  - in my case Flemish  - that is !
you're an example for many
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