What software can I use for image capture?

I have a wireless dental intraoral camera that communicates via a wireless microwave receiver connected to a USB port.   The original software that was supplied with the camera was Presto Mr. Photo for Windows 98.   I cannot find a version of this software to run under Windows 7 64-bit.   Is there a newer version of this software or other software I can use?
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Kanti PrasadCommented:
DoctorK12008Author Commented:
I can't find the download.   All I get is a series of download links for other programs, such as 7zip.
Provided the camera itself is compatible with your new OS, you should be able to run any software. For example The Gimp or IrfanView, which are both available as PortableApps:


For recording Video from the camera, then VLC:

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
NewSoft stopped support for Mr Photo with version 4 for Vista in 2008 it's unlikely you'll find a genuine download of anything other than patch files.

Have you got the camera recognised?
How are you capturing images (mouse, foot-pedal, button on camera)?
Are you capturing video or just images?  
Do you want to just display them to the patient live or do you need to save them to an electronic patient record?
Are you using them for CAD/CAM inlay/onlay manufacture or virtual impressions etc?

Sorry lots of questions but really need to know a bit more about the hardware you're using and what you need out of it to suggest a replacement.  

How have you been using this since the software was provided for Win98 - have you just upgraded??
We use Greenshot.

DoctorK12008Author Commented:
The software worked fine on XP, but when I tried to install it on Windows 7, it failed to install.   The camera is RF Systemlab Einstein Spark.   I am not able to get the computer to recognize it.   The wireless receiver installs OK under Windows 7.   I just want to be able to download still images from the camera to a computer and save them a JPEG files.   The camera captures two images at the same time, one is a normal color image, the other is captured using a blue LED in the camera, which shows up plaque on the teeth.
Have you checked with the Camera manufacturer for driver support for the new OS?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
We need to get the camera recognised first of all.  It uses the TWAIN interface to connect
Try these drivers:
DoctorK12008Author Commented:
In order to have the camera recognized, it needs to connect to the receiver.   So far, I cannot get it to do this.
If it worked in XP should work in windows 7 prof x64 which I have
ensure you windows 7 is up date from windows updates.
Is this device wireless? or USB?
With USB that is plug and play just switch it on
You may have to check the auto play settings in control panel auto play look in devices or pictures and choose what you want it to do, I choose let me choose so you get to choose open a folder.
If your device is not listed here look in control panel  devices and printers some devices will show up there I just make a shortcut to it to the desktop
On the camera are the images stored in local memory or in a sim card?
If it has an internal memory sim card take that out and plug into a universal sd card reader usb.
Then you have the images.
Windows 7 has inbuilt snipping tool.
Look in your start all programs >accessories>snipping tool, or type into search
put it on region, then new, screen will go grey outline the area you want that goes clear, you save it as or paste into email or paste into photo editor
DoctorK12008Author Commented:
The camera is wireless and communicates with the computer via a wireless receiver which is plugged into a USB port.   Images in the camera are stored in memory, not a SIM card.
As it is windows 7 x 64  install the software to programs files x 86
did you do this first before connecting the camera?
You need to confirm the software and drivers is installed first?
Then plug in the wireless and then the camera power on the camera windows should discover it.
Have you looked in device for problem devices?
In device manager go to view then tick to show hidden devices check for any  question marks unknowns etc.
Is the program on a setup disc? and does it auto run? Or do open the disc and run the setup? using the run in compatibility mode?
The setup disc includes
Compatible with TWAIN-compliant imaging software
       Win.98SE/ME/2000/XP Mac OS8.6 to OS9.2.
Download section
List of items available for downloading

Is it the PC with USB Morse type-s
The wireless Morse receives images
and easily transfers them to your
TV, VCR, DVD, Video printer
or PC (with RCA capture card, or USB capture devices).
Is this a desktop or laptop? The laptop may have an inbuilt wireless.
Morse TMorse T 2
DoctorK12008 please come back

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DoctorK12008Author Commented:
Thank you for your help.   I bought software from RF Systems Lab, the manufacturer of the camera.   The Presto Mr. Photo software is not compatible with Windows 7, so I also bought the software from them to use with Windows 7.   Everything now works fine.
That's good to hear. thanks for the accept but really you should accept your own comment as the solution.
I'm very happy for you it's resolved and works fine. It does get hard sometimes adjusting to newer windows and losing our known and loved programs all in the name of progress and windows upgrades.
DoctorK12008Author Commented:
Thanks for all your help, Merete.
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