Sending SMS to multiple recipients


I have noticed on some smartphones I cam compose an SMS message to multiple recipients at once (group conversation).

Does anyone have more information on how this works across iOS, Android and Blackberry? For example:

1. Are recipients supposed to be able to reply-all to the message?

2. Are these sent as SMS or MMS messages?
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1.Recipients can reply all if their provider allows multiple recipients
Jackie ManIT Manager Commented:
For Blackberry, the limit of max recipients depends on the version of the Blackberry OS. For version of 6 and above, the limit is set to 10. Carriers do have limit, but it varies among different carriers. The default format is SMS regardless whether you start or reply to a new multiple recipients.

For iOS, there are no limit on the iPhone. By dedault, you will send the message via iMessage if your iPhone is connected to the Internet. The default format is iMessage and only if the recipient is not using an iPhone, the message will be sent via SMS.

For Android on Samsung smartphones, there are no limit, but the default format for multiple recipient (groupmessage) is MMS and you need to manually change the settings. If you do not change the setting, when the recipent reply you, the message will be sent to each recipent in the groupchat via MMS.

I do not own a non-Samsung Android smartphone, but my wild guess is that it can be customised by the phone manufacturer.

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Jackie ManIT Manager Commented:
For android, the user can customise what apps to handle SMS and MMS (for example, Samsung uses Hangout app), but you need to look into the settings of SMS and MMS to avoid being charged for the rather expensive MMS.
Jackie ManIT Manager Commented:
For the reply all function in android, it varies from different version of the android OS and apps to handle the SMS. Just press and hold the message to check whether there is a reply all option.
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