Icloud ID and Password on my Iphone - cannot access

IPhone 4G.
 I have an Apple ID and password which works  on any browser.  The same ID and Password works for Icloud which I can access on my laptop or IPhone browsers. However there is a problem, which only allows me to access Icloud through my browser.    On my phone, when I navigate to   'Setting's-'Icloud'- , the Icloud ID shown is NOT the ID which works on the browser. It is an an older redundant email address. When I try to replace this old  ID with the one that works on the browsers  I am also stuck.:   I navigate in settings from ''Sign Out- 'Delete Icloud account''   and am asked for the Password to the redundant ID address. But DO NOT t have this password. So I cannot Sign In and Delete the  Account I want to replace.
Michael MurphyAsked:
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Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
Further. When I try to reset the password on the older ID (which is a redundant email address) Apple tells me it does not recognize that ID.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You might try to forget your phone in iTunes and then add it back with user accounts and passwords you know.


Back up the phone first in case something goes wrong.

My iPhone is happy with my Apple account.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If push comes to shove, you may need to back up the phone and reset it. Try forgetting it first.

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Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
Does resetting mean I have to set up email and other accounts again and do I lose my apps?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Make a backup first, and then reset does NOT mean losing apps because you have your backup to restore from. You do have to set mail up again, I think, but I am going from memory of having restored a broken iPhone to a new iPhone. Nothing lost at all (except Camera Roll that iTunes does not back up). Back up Camera Roll with the Windows dialogue box that comes up when you plug in the iPhone.
Do you have the old account email still?  Can't you just have it recover the password?
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
No I don't have that email  in use any more for about 3 years. And Apple Support does not recognise it as my Apple/ICloud ID even though it shows on my IPhone as my ICloud ID. And Google support also no longer recognised that email address. So I cannot recover the password. I will probably backup and reset as advised above
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
I synced the IPhone using ITunes. Then I went to 'Settings', 'General' and 'Reset All Settings'. I restored the phone and lo and behold the first thing to pop up was the box giving the wrong Icloud ID and asking for the blessed password which I don't have. So I again went to 'Settings', 'General, 'Erase all content and settings'. I then restored the iPhone from backup ITunes. And lo and behold when it was restored the first thing to pop up again was the box giving the wrong Icloud ID (One apple refuses to recognize) and asking for the password which I don't have.
What to do?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Can you visit the Apple Store or contact Apple Support with the password(s) you do have to get it going again?
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
After I did the reset the message asking me for my ICloud password  kept appearing. However when U again went to Settings, Icloud, sign out, and when I was asked for my Icloud password before I would be allowed to sign out and delete the account I was allowed to reset the password without having to produce the one I did not know. I duly reset the deleted the account and created a new one, so I'm up and running and am no longer getting requests to sign into an ID I don't have
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
Sorry for confusion in previous post. I was trying to say that the option to reset the troublesome password, without me actually knowing it, was given to be after the reset. Before the reset I was not given that option.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks Michael and I was happy to help.
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