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URGENT: Web Server Configuration Tool not working after ColdFusion 11 license update

After installing ColdFusion 11 Enterprise Evaluation then upgrading that installed version to a paid licensed version, we cannot get the Web Server Configuration Tool to work.

This tool was just fine before we upgraded. It opens but it is empty. We cannot see any sites associated with it so we cannot active new sites.

When any .cfm file other than the default document is run on the new site (and the new site not updated with the Web Server Configuration Tool), we received this error:

"HTTP Error 404.2 - Not Found
The page you are requesting cannot be served because of the ISAPI and CGI Restriction list settings on the Web server."

This seems as though it is because we upgraded from the trial version to the licensed version (In CF Administrator, New License).

The 'Instance Manager' in CF Admin has the 'Name" still set to 'cfusion' and it is the only instance. We changed nothing here, in face, nothing has been changed in CF Admin after buying and installing the paid license.

All other ColdFusion enabled sites are working correctly, except for the new site created after the new license I assume because we cannot run the Configuration Tool to enable it for CF.

Any idea or suggestions as to why the tool, (WSCONFIG.EXE) when opened has all "Configured Web Services" now blank when run, even when run as ADMINISTRATOR from command line?

We are running only one instance of ColdFusion 11 and with no clusters. Nothing has changed once we input the new license, except that the configuration tool will not work.

Here's a screenshot attached below of the tool that is blank when opened.

So, what's wrong? Why is this happening?
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I think the CGI option is not installed. Enable the CGI option by going to Control Panel->Add or remove programs->Turn Windows feature on or off->IIS.
The following options need to be enabled for IIS connector to work:
2. .NET extensibility
3. CGI
4. ISAPI filters
Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any issues.
i had this before, and folowing this fixed my issue back then.  some reading too here:
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ASP.NET, .NET extensibility,  CGI, and the Micrsoft C++ redistributable package has been installed long ago and updated.

Thanks for both suggestions. But I believe you both may be missing the main point that about eight or so sites were working just fine with the Evaluation copy running of ColdFusion 11 Enterprise. I made no changes to anything other than buying a CF11 Enterprise license and installing it in CF Administrator. That is when the Web Server Configuration Tool stopped working.

All sites still fine. It's just that now after creating a brand new IIS site, I cannot get it working with ColdFusion because the Web Server Configuration Tool is not working as previously mentioned.

I'm running Windows Sever 2012 with IIS 8.5. The IIS interface looks a bit different than the photo on the link you gave me.

When loading IIS, I see no tool inside IIS name "Isapi and CGI restrictions". I don't see any direct reference to the line in that page: "double click Isapi and CGI restrictions, click Edit Feature settings on the top right hand corner and the check (sic) the check box Allow unspecified CGI modules and Allow unspecified ISAPI modules ."

Looks like the tool may have been renamed to Request Filtering, in IIS 8.5. Not sure so will have to ask what you think by looking at it.

I looked at all the 35 tools inside IIS (see attached IISs1.gif) and the only tool that has the reference of "Edit Feature Settings" is the tool name, "Request Filtering" (IISs1.gif). Inside that tool find the attached screenshot (request-filtering.gif). I compared this tool and all its settings to a site that is working correctly and they are the same.

But back to the point which seems to me to make this all moot is that I this production server is working just fine except that when I define a new site, there is no working Web Server Configuration Tool to configure it to ColdFusion.

Can one manually do what the tool does by first creating the new site, then adding the CFIDE and Jacrata virtual directories, pointing them to the correct numbered site in "C:\ColdFusion11\config\wsconfig" and copying the files from a working site into the numbered folder, editing them to include the correct numbers site folder? If so, am I missing some step?

I've tried this "manual" configuration without any success, hopefully missing a step someone even if it can be done.

But of course, I vastly prefer the configuration tool work as it should.

Any suggestions from anyone would be so helpful. But please read what I've written again.

Surely CF has no low limit on the number of defined sites.

I can reuse a previously defined site with additional bindings and settings to get a site going but not when it points to a different folder.  

And remember, I am running the tool as Administrator, and Microsoft C++ is installed and updated. (the tool was working before.

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Kulboy; The link you gave seems to deal only with the inability to open CF Admin and is not the problem I have.

And if I remember correctly, the "ColdFusion11\cfusio\lib\neo-security.xml and set the" is used when one forgets their CF Admin password. I have no problem getting into CF Admin. I'd prefer not to change that file unless you are certain, for some reason, it may solve the problem.

I took a deep and long look at all logs including the Event viewer, and cannot find anything relating to the CF connector tool.

> What i find strange is that it appeared after a license install...
Yes, that is the only common factor here.

Is there a phone number at Adobe specifically for ColdFusion support when one has paid for the heavy price to buy and install with these sort of problems? I can't seem to find one that actually helps or directs me to CF help on the phone. I do have an email I've been trying. But sure would like to find the root problem.
for perpetual licenses they offer 90 days chat support on installation and download
Chat (within 90 days of registration)
I had an Adobe team work on the problem for a half day but they could not figure it out. They did tell me that it seems to be an Adobe problem, a bug. They have not returned, just left me hanging. Just as well, as it was so difficult to understand their Indian accents.

So, I reverted to an older CLONE disc copy and had to spend a couple days updating all the files from the other drive, CF, and whatever needed to be updated. The Configuration tool is working on this copy but it is the old CF Evaluation. I need to input my new license but hesitate to do as I may get the same problem. I'll clone the drive tonight so I have something left to work on if when entering the new CF 11 Enterprise license, I get the same problem. I think I'll video record the event so Adobe won't have any questions on what happens. If it all goes okay, then I will have no idea what caused the original problem.

I'll update this page with in info as I get it so others with a similar problem might not be left as I was with Adobe Tech Support.
Good luck!  This adobe support sucks!
In many ways, so does ColdFusion 11. I've never seen so many bugs, so many problems. Now I know why so many experts have told me in private that ColdFusion is just about dead and are looking elsewhere for a good substitute.