Cisco switches fiber uplink latency monitor

I recently connected 2 cisco 2960 switches using fiber optic, however I am not getting the improvement I was expecting there seem to be some latency in the connection, a simple ping command give me up to 3ms. What kind of tools can I Use to troubleshoot the connection?
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nader alkahtaniConsultantCommented:
Ping is not complete delay diagnostic tool because Cisco doesn't get it the first priority for responding
NetExpert Network Solutions Pte LtdTechnical SpecialistCommented:
can you explain the network setup between your source to destination?

how many network devices between source to destination.. does both source and destination located at same site or different site?
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tonzur40Author Commented:
I  have two Cisco switches Cisco WS-C2960X-48FPD-L and I have a fiber line running between the 2 switches it is a Multimode 50 that ends in a patch pannel ,the distance is about 300 meter. I have s SFP-10Gbase-LR in my terabytes ports and  I am using LC to LC Duplex MM50/125 patch cables.
There are a couple things to consider here. When pinging from the switch, as was indicated by Nader Al-Kahtani, icmp is not a priority so it is difficult to truly determine latency that way. The best way to figure out the real latency would be to have two machines on either end of the link run a program to determine latency back and forth. On top of that idea, even with two machines running software meant to measure latency you still have the possibility of the OS drivers/protocol stack adding a slight delay to skew the numbers.
The other thing to consider is that unless you have two devices connecting to the remaining 10G ports on the switch, you are connecting to 1G copper ports which will have their own latency just due to putting the signal on the wire. Personally I would be more concerned to see if I could push the full 10G between switches. To do this, you would either need two 10G-connected devices running the test, or at least 10 devices on each end attempting to max out each of the 1G connections. Easier said than done.
Food for thought.

Also, the part number you referenced, SFP-10Gbase-LR, is meant for Single Mode fiber and not Multimode. If you meant to say SFP-10Gbase-SR, then you are all set for Multimode fiber, but bear in mind that 300M is the max for OM3. OM4 has a max of 400M, and if the fiber was 50um OM2, you will have a max of 82M. If you are beyond the max, you could have issues with the connection.
If you or anyone reading doesn't know what OM2/OM3/OM4 is all about, it is the quality of the fiber based on a set of specs.
tonzur40Author Commented:
They are LR ;(, I think you  found the problem, I checked the SFP expects and you are right about the LR and SR. Without doing my own research I went with what the vendor told me "LR is for long range and SR is for Short range but both are for multi mode". I ordered the proper SFP after reading the specs in the cisco site  and I will follow up once I install them. I have OM3 so everything should work OK. What I still do not have clear is how it was working when the modules were for single mode with a multimode fiber?
As far as the pins I was pinging between workstations located on both sides. Switches still not in production environment so I can just test until I am good.
Single mode can work on multimode fiber, but multimode cannot work on singlemode fiber. Even if singlemode seems to be working, the transceiver core size doesn't match the fiber, so out is very likely that you will experience errors I the line which easily turns into poor performance.

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tonzur40Author Commented:
RauenPC that was it change the SFP modules to SR and now evertything works smoth.
Thanks alot
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