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Just ATTEMPTED a massive price update and change in Great Plains Dynamics. Ran into a HUGE problem is the price level setup. While we have updated the IV00108 table with the new price levels and prices, since the PRICE LEVEL setup is based on the old schema:

OVER 100

if I change the PRCLEVEL field in the IV00108 table to the new schema:
OVER 101

Great Plains will show a price of $0.00 but if I change it back to the old price level it will show the UOMPRICE field.

Anyone have ideas? URGENT
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Please note that you cannot simply change prices in Dynamics GP in the IV00108 table, or in SQL in general. There are a number of other tables involved and you must perform a lot of data validation to be able to do this directly in SQL. It's also not something where a cookie cutter approach can be used, as it will depend greatly on the modules and features your company is using in Dynamics GP, as well as your specific data.

If you absolutely must do this in SQL, I would recommend working with your Dynamics GP partner or Microsoft support to come up with the best approach.
(shivering) niccross... that might mean going back to the drawing board on this one?

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