Need to recover content of OneNote file with Sync error

I am using Windows 7 and OneNote 2010.
I have two OneNote files that I cannot open.  Unfortunately, I do not have access to the original source to sync or rebuild my OneNote files.

The files are procedures that I developed over three years. So I would really like to recover anything I can.

The initial message I get is:

This file is from a different version of OneNote. Your version cannot load this file. There may be a converter available on the Web site that will enable it to do so.

When I try to open or select it from within OneNote, I get:

OneNote does not recognize this file and it cannot be opened.
It may not be a OneNote file or it may be corrupted.

I have tried converting it to OneNote 2007 or OneNote 2010 by going to the properties. But have been unsuccessful.

When I go to the 'Notebook Sync Status' I can see the following errors:

This file does not appear to be a valid OneNote section file. It may be a file of another type that has been renamed to have a .one extension. (Error code: 0xE00000C8)

And of course, I cannot sync.

Any help would be appreciated.
Michael CarrilloInformation Systems ManagerAsked:
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you can try and force a repair:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\<Office Version>\Onenote.exe" /forcerepair "C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Notebook\Quick"

If you can get to a state where the .one is open then File, open, should offer you access to a backup folder which may recover sections.

Failing that try

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Michael CarrilloInformation Systems ManagerAuthor Commented:

I had already tried /forcerepair with no effect.

I was hopeful that the onenoterepair.html would work. But even that tools could not recover anything.

Your second option, I am trying to figure out.  I am not sure how I can access backup folder. Are you suggesting I do a backup and then try to recover?  If you are suggesting that I look for backups of the file before the corruption. That is not an option as I emailed myself the file and do not have access to the original file or location.
the backup option would only work if you can get the file open, each section is backed up as changes are made - like a version history - but obviously its not available. It was a small hope that the utility would recover enough to open the file and backup might recover further data.

The change in format came between 2007 and 2010  so the last option would be to find a 2007 onenote to see if it can still be opened or if its corrupted

Sorry - no other ideas
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Michael CarrilloInformation Systems ManagerAuthor Commented:
So, If I can install a OneNote 2007 and Open it in OneNote2007, you think I might possibly get further than using OneNote 2010 to convert to 2007 or 2010?
there's a distinct possibility that the files is corrupt and the conversion process is barfing as a result. Even if it won't directly open on the earlier version the force repair has a better chance of working if its dealing with a format that it recognises rather than trying to repair a corrupted version that it doesn't.

At least you will know ....
Michael CarrilloInformation Systems ManagerAuthor Commented:
Ultimately the file was corrupt and not retrievable.   Fortunately, I was able to get a copy from someone else.
However, this was a learning experience and I learned that there are a number of things I can do to protect my important data.

Thank You regmigrant!
You're welcome and I'm glad you found a working copy.
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