DNS query problem

Dear Expert

My infrastructure have a abc.com (DNS Secondary zone) in Forward Lookup Zone
But I no need some record such as www.abc.com (That record appear In secondary zone we can't remove that",
We need external DNS for resolve www.abc.com (only this record)

Can someone help, what should we do,

Songphon JAsked:
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Matthew ParsonsDirectorCommented:
Hi Songphonj,

Just to clarify, you have the domain abc.com as your local active directory domain and since, you haven't been able to browse to www.abc.com as it is most likely looking for it internally?

Simply go into DNS Manager
Under Forward Lookup Zones, open ABC.COM
Right click ABC.COM, choose New Host (A or AAAA)
New host dialogue box will appear, in the name enter www
In the IP address, the IP of the external webserver where the server is located.
(You can find that out by pinging www.abc.com via another internet connection, like you laptop connected via your phone)

That should be it.

Thanks Matt
Songphon JAuthor Commented:
Hi Matt

Thank for your response,
But my secondary zone can't add new record no this menu when right click abc.com zone,

Currently that zone contain www.abc.com record,
But I think the record not correctly,

Do you have another way to only bypass www.abc.com to DNS root hint?

Matthew ParsonsDirectorCommented:
Hi Songphon,

Do you have more than one DNS server?

A secondary zone creates a copy of a zone that exists on another server, i would presume that you would need to edit the A record on that DNS Server.

As a test, to rule our your dns server you could always change the HOST file on your machine, but i wouldn't recommend doing this across all computers, would be a real head ache to troubleshoot any potential future issues.
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Songphon JAuthor Commented:
Hi Matthew

Yes, there is master server in HQ side (SG)

Today I send email to our HQ for ask the record correct or not,
Matthew ParsonsDirectorCommented:
Hi songphon,

I presume that should sort your issue, I would expect that the DNS should update. ;)

Kind Regards Matt

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Songphon JAuthor Commented:
Hi Matt

Yes, I already update the record from master server, but the result the same, :)

I waiting the SG side for confirm the DNS record,
Because our system set DNS forwarder to SG also.

Songphon :)
Songphon JAuthor Commented:
Hi Matt

After SG side changed DNS record, www.abc.com is workkk

Matthew ParsonsDirectorCommented:
Great News! Glad I could help ;)

Cheers Matt
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