Filemaker - Access data/file from Client on shared windows drive

my customer cannot access filemaker files (*.fmp12) on a windows shared network (I do not want to use the host sharing function of filemaker).

Filemaker Version 13
Access over windows filemanager is no problem at all. Except that you cannot open the file and get a Filemaker Pro error "the filter for this file format could not be found" (its a translation from german).
If you try to open the file directly from within Filemaker, there is no network drive shown (should be  F: \\server\...). I am also not able to see the server, when I want to browse the network from within filemaker. I just see the client pc's.
Bonjour is installed.

Does anybody have tipp?

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hirtisAuthor Commented:
forgot something... the files can be copied locally and will open without any problem.

Bonjour won't help you -- it is only useful if you're hosting shared files, which you say you don't want to do.

Filemaker's Open dialog simply uses the Windows system default open dialog, so there is no reason I can think of that you'd be able to see it in Windows but not in Filemaker.  I would think you are using the wrong Filemaker "Open" command.  Since you're not hosting the file, you cannot use "Open Remote" -- it sees hosted files, and you're not hosting any files.  Instead you need to use the standard "Open" command and browse to the network location with that dialog.

As far as opening the file: the fact that you can copy the file locally and use it, but can't use it from the network location, tells me that you probably have read-only rights to that folder.  Try copying a file into that same server folder, and see if it lets you.  I bet it fails.  If it does, you'll need to give the user read/write rights on that server share.
Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
And, in general, FileMaker strongly recommends against opening files directly in FileMaker Pro off a mounted network drive due to the increased potential for file corruption. In addition, if multiple users have access to your network drive and more than one person attempts to open the file directly using FM Pro, the potential for file corruption is significantly increased. And, never attempt to directly open a file that is being hosted either by FM Pro or FM Server.
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hirtisAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your answers.

With the same installation we never had this problem since about 2 years. It suddenly came up about 1 month ago. No changes of the system except windows updates (This could be a reason).

@slinkygn, I did use the "open" dialog, but it did not display the server, so was not able to open the files. File manager (windows) showed the files, but I coud not open them, see error message above.

@Will Loving, we never had problems with the use of network files. Anyway thanks for this information.

As it is only one user using Filemaker, I finally copied the files locally on the client computer and made a batch for backup. This works perfect.

This task is closed for me.


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Well, if you do want to do it over the network, you can reopen this instead of closing -- up to you.  The regular "Open" file dialog, as you say, typically would not by default display the remote server -- you would have to direct the Open dialog to look there, which you would do simply by typing the remote server's name into it preceded by "\\", so for example "\\servername" and then you'd see the shares on the server.  Bummer that that wasn't asked before you moved everything around, I guess.
hirtisAuthor Commented:
I solved by myself. But it's a work around.
Hans GunnarssonCommented:
In short, as Will says, you should never connect to FM files on a shared drive.
One power shortage while a file is open and normally you need to refer to your backup.

If one user only needs to access the files - copy them to his / her local drive.

Also you should never backup a file that is open locally by a user.
You need to close the file before backing it up.

If more than one user is to access any Filemaker files it aboslutely makes sense to use FM server.
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